The EEOC sees health care folks as fat, juicy targets in disability cases

It’s been some time now since I’ve written about the EEOC and “low hanging fruit” – so let me explain to new readers. My review of the cases brought by the EEOC in the last few [...]

“There are too many old men … and they should all retire”’

Yep, that was what allegedly was said to a former University of Pittsburgh business professor who sought to take tuition-covered coursework towards a doctoral degree.  At least that's what he alleges in in a newly-filed federal Age Discrimination In [...]

If You Had Any Doubt That The Workplace Is A Microcosm of Society …

As readers of this blog likely know, among other things that I publish whenever I hear about them are cases where a noose or the N-word are used in the workplace. If for no other reasons than to [...]

70% Of NYS Women: Workplace Sexual Harassment Is a Problem (But “Hope for Reform Remains Strong”)

An article in the New York Law Journal reminds us that “the workplace sexual harassment crisis is not waning.” It cites a poll from Sienna College which shows that almost half of all women in [...]

Providing Employee With Crohn’s Disease A Flexible Bathroom Break Schedule: “Time Theft” Or Reasonable Accommodation?

Being moved closer to a bathroom doesn’t sound like it’s too burdensome an accommodation to an employee suffering from Crohn’s Disease – a condition included in the Americans With Disabilities Act ("ADA") Amendments of 2008 [...]

Sexual harassment avoidance training: “If anyone feels they know it all and don’t need this, think again”

Sexual harassment avoidance training is a must for all employers in New York – I mean, it is required by law! Amy and I have been doing these trainings for a long time, and now [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”