All The Single Ladies – No, Not Beyoncé

By:  Amy Epstein Gluck So, is “All the Single Ladies” on Capitol Hill this week? Nope. Rather, it’s Every. Single. Lady. What am I talking about? Am I talking in code? Am I about to go [...]

A Few Light Touchings Is Mere “Casual Contact” – But The Retaliation Is Deadly

While we blog all the time about how to recognize, prevent and remedy discrimination and harassment in the workplace, we have spent much less time discussing retaliation – which is more deadly to employers because it [...]

Pregnant Bartender Will Not Wear Hot Pants? Fired!

Another pregnancy discrimination lawsuit in the news.   Seems like I'm writing this every day. A sports bar in Texas just settled with the EEOC for $24,000 in a Pregnancy Discrimination Act ("PDA") lawsuit. What did [...]

Employer Creates New Lifting Requirement So That Pregnant Employee Cannot Meet It: EEOC Sues

Chalk up another employer who does not like to employ pregnant women or allow them to work. Why? Who knows.  Paternalistic concerns for the health/safety of the employee or the unborn child?  Outdated fears, myths and [...]

Amy Epstein Gluck (the Notorious AEG!!) Interviewed by the New York Times’ Workologist Tomorrow!

Hey - check out Amy Epstein Gluck (the Notorious AEG!!) interviewed tomorrow by the New York Times' Workologist! The column is entitled "How to Respond When a Colleague Is Harassing Women."  Among other things that [...]

Pregnancy Discrimination: Some Things Never Change

I just posted in Above The Law "8 Helpful Tips On What Not To Say (Or Do) To A Pregnant Employee."  These included: If you have an employee who tells you that she is pregnant, do not [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”