Nooses and Racial Slurs Increase In Workplaces: New SF Incident Reported

It didn’t take long since my last post, and Amy’s - last week - for another workplace incident involving nooses to be reported. Today’s New York Times reports that three African-American construction workers in San [...]

8 Tips On What Not To Say To Older Employees

So, I’m a collector. Not of baseball cards (anymore), or stamps (anymore), or dried beetles (never). No, it’s not a hobby or a Saturday afternoon substitute for a day at the beach.   It’s a serious [...]

Shocking New Workplace Racial Harassment Case Filed

I just posted in Above The Law about another workplace racial harassment case.  I noted that “the N-word and nooses are still popular.  But, indeed, cases involving KKK hoods and other white supremacist slurs and epithets are [...]

Racial Harassment—A Case Study On “Severe or Pervasive”

By: Amy Epstein Gluck Use of the “n-word” in the workplace seems to be continuing, unabated. You guys are not going to believe this scenario alleged in a lawsuit filed this week. The allegations are…appalling. [...]

Employers, Do You Need To Accommodate An Employee’s Use of Medical Marijuana?

By:  Amy Epstein Gluck Maybe. But maybe the question is not whether you need to but whether you should, given the way the judicial winds have been blowing. We have long been blogging about the Americans [...]

Another fish shot in a barrel by the EEOC!

Chalk up another fish shot in a barrel by the EEOC.  Another low hanging fruit plucked! To anyone who reads this blog, you know that I keep track of the cases in which the EEOC [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”