You Were Genetically Built To Work Like A Dog, KaBobby!

Here’s one last post for the old year, may it rest in peace.  And it’s a doozy.* (Apology upfront: the employee at issue was allegedly told that he was “genetically built” to work two jobs [...]

The Fox Should Not Run Your Chicken Coop

If there’s one thing that hopefully all employers know by now, it’s that a harassment-free workplace is a product of top-down respect and compliance. Perhaps nothing is more important than a workplace that knows that [...]

Fired For Having A Brain Tumor Or A Seizure, Or Mocked For Being Disabled – Why Does This Happen?

Human nature is sometimes an inscrutable thing. Why do some people – adults! - find it necessary to harass those with disabilities? Is it simple bullying? Or maybe a fear-based projection or displacement or some [...]

Uber and the EEOC Settle Their Differences

By: Amy Epstein Gluck Way back when, i.e., in February 2017 and pre-#Metoo, an Uber employee published an online (i.e., very public) expose of what she considered to be a toxic culture at Uber and [...]

In A Layoff, Be Careful Who You Terminate

"Everyone knows" that employees who are "at will" can be terminated -- well, at will.  Except, and a very big "except," where the anti-discrimination laws apply.  And this blog would be out of business if they didn't apply [...]

Why Can’t You Just Let Her Use The Door …

If they would have only let her use the available non-revolving door - but, no, a Georgia managed health care provider (of all people) allegedly refused this accommodation to an employee with a disability which made it traumatic for [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”