“Should Men Use Botox? Ask The Thirtysomethings Who Want To Look Young Again”

“Sigh … we all get old.  Hopefully. …" Thus begins my latest article in Above The Law, bearing the title above. It continues: "Age is the only protected category under the employment discrimination laws that we [...]

One-Day Start Date Postponement To Accommodate Religious Observance: Not An Undue Hardship

Hard to believe but true. A Maryland logistics/delivery company was just sued by the EEOC because it refused to hire an applicant for a dispatcher/customer service position who could not work on Rosh Hashanah due [...]

First Transgender Suit Permitted to Proceed Under the ADA

By Amy Epstein Gluck While courts and states remain divided about whether “sex discrimination” includes discrimination against transgender people under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a new cause of action has [...]

Job “Too Demanding” For Pregnant Employee, So She’s Demoted And Fired

We ‘ve said it a lot: “The day is over when an employer could force a pregnant woman out of her job because of stereo­typical, unsupported beliefs about her abilities. A company cannot take it [...]

Is There A Bright Line Between Salty Jokes And Compliments, And Sexual Harassment?

My new article in Above The Law discusses this very fraught workplace issue - which is not a hypothetical. It begins: “We all like to joke, tease, prank, and – face it – it sometimes gets [...]

Sexual Jokes And Banter At The Water Cooler: Not Cool At All!

The title above is the title of my weekly article in Above The Law. It begins: “We all like to joke, tease, prank, and – face it – it sometimes gets a bit out of [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”