“Bro Hugs At Work: Sexual Discrimination?”

Hmm. What is this about? A bro hug … sexist?  How?  Why? Huh? In my new Above The Law post, I examine a question posed by a female reader of The New York Times “workologist” who [...]

“Slaves,” “Monkeys” and “Little Asians” – Racial Harassment Still Plaguing Workplaces

Three more racial harassment lawsuits in the news – both with allegations of racial slurs. Thankfully, no N-word usage, or nooses in these cases – but just as bad. A Jacksonville-based online retailer of officially [...]

Shocking! Disabled Employees Dissed By Doctors

I wrote in my weekly Above the Law article last year that the EEOC targets health care and medical providers, such as doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, managed care facilities … in short, the caring professions, for alleged workplace violations [...]

“In China, They Put Women Out To Pasture at Your Age”

I probably don’t need to tell readers about my penchant for collecting cases in which older employees are the object of ageist comments in the workplace. That is, all the different names, expressions, and epithets [...]

Shocker! New Study Says Company’s Culture Biggest Determinant of Sexual Harassment

The Huffington Post reported recently on a new study that noted that “When sexual harassment happens, it’s easy ― and not wrong ― to blame individual perpetrators, i.e., the 'bad men.'” Quite true. So, given [...]

A Federal Jury Sends a Message in the #MeToo Era

By: Amy Epstein Gluck #MeToo is real. That is, #MeToo as a movement or an era or even a concept applies to real people of all backgrounds, to blue collar as well as white collar [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”