workplace sexual harassment and bullying: what other countries are doing

See what employers and employees in other countries are doing to deal with workplace sexual harassment and bullying:  Read my new weekly employment law post in Above The Law. Read all of my ATL posts here:  http://abovethelaw.com/author/richardcohen/   http://abovethelaw.com/2017/07/workplace-sexual-harassment-and-bullying-can-anything-be-done/

Mea Culpa! Can an act of personal absolution change sexual harassment in Silicon Valley?

“'While I’d like to believe that I’m not a bad or evil person, regardless it’s clear that some of my past actions have hurt or offended several women.  And I probably deserve to be called [...]

A “Plan” to Combat Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley

By: Amy Epstein Gluck Entrepreneur Meena Harris, founder of the “Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign,” has a plan for the sexual harassment allegations pervading Silicon Valley companies. As Ms. Harris wrote here, industry leaders have begun [...]

Sexual Harassment Can Happen … Anywhere

“I am always surprised that some people think that workplace sexual harassment occurs only in certain types of businesses or workplaces.  But we know that workplace sexual harassment can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone [...]

ALERT: Janet Dhillon Picked To Lead EEOC

Janet Dhillon, EVP and General Counsel at Burlington Stores, and a graduate of UCLA Law School, has just been nominated for the position of Chairperson of the EEOC, to serve a five year term. She [...]

Sexual Harassment Cases You Don’t See Everyday (Hopefully)

My new Above the Law post is about cases that are noteworthy simply for being cases that you might not hear much about – but indeed exist – all too frequently. Like fired for “being [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”