BigLaw: “If this is beginning to sound like the last days of Rome. …”

“This is undoubtedly the last generation for whom the traditional partnership model is the standard.” Wow. This quote is from *a blockbuster blog post ostensibly about lateral transfers in BigLaw but really about the sustainability and [...]

You Were Genetically Built To Work Like A Dog, KaBobby!

Here’s one last post for the old year, may it rest in peace.  And it’s a doozy.* (Apology upfront: the employee at issue was allegedly told that he was “genetically built” to work two jobs [...]

The Fox Should Not Run Your Chicken Coop

If there’s one thing that hopefully all employers know by now, it’s that a harassment-free workplace is a product of top-down respect and compliance. Perhaps nothing is more important than a workplace that knows that [...]

Fired For Having A Brain Tumor Or A Seizure, Or Mocked For Being Disabled – Why Does This Happen?

Human nature is sometimes an inscrutable thing. Why do some people – adults! - find it necessary to harass those with disabilities? Is it simple bullying? Or maybe a fear-based projection or displacement or some [...]

Uber and the EEOC Settle Their Differences

By: Amy Epstein Gluck Way back when, i.e., in February 2017 and pre-#Metoo, an Uber employee published an online (i.e., very public) expose of what she considered to be a toxic culture at Uber and [...]

In A Layoff, Be Careful Who You Terminate

"Everyone knows" that employees who are "at will" can be terminated -- well, at will.  Except, and a very big "except," where the anti-discrimination laws apply.  And this blog would be out of business if they didn't apply [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”