KFC Manager Forces Employee To Flush Prescribed Meds Down Toilet – Settles For $30,000

Employers take note:   If your employees are medically required to take medications, don’t insult them, make them flush theirs meds down the toilet and then fire them! It’s not a good idea. It’s also against [...]

Gender Pay Inequity—Across the Pond

By: Amy Epstein Gluck England seems to be sharing America’s gender pay gap woes. Former BBC journalist Carrie Gracie, former China editor, recently explained to British legislators that she left in protest about her pay [...]

Employer Settles For $94,541 – Refused Job To Applicant Who Asked To Start The Day After Rosh Hashanah

“Hard to believe but true.” I wrote that almost a year ago when the EEOC sued a Maryland logistics/delivery company because it refused to hire an applicant for a dispatcher/customer service position who could not [...]

Sexual Harassment? Better Stay Away From Grandma The Clown!

Strange title to this post, right? Well, as I wrote in Above The Law today, "I was walking by Lincoln Center yesterday when a radio reporter for a large station stopped me to conduct a [...]

Wow! BigLaw Really Is A Factory!

Even I was not ready for this. In my post “BigLaw = GargantuLaw, A Bloated Behemoth" I said that "As an escapee from BigLaw, I experienced first hand the grinding machine that it is.  Not [...]

Sexual Harassment Guidelines—Wonder Woman Gets It!

By:  Amy Epstein Gluck Wait, what? What does Wonder Woman have to do with employment law? The set of the sequel to Wonder Woman—aptly named Wonder Woman 2—is the first film, officially, to adopt the Producer’s [...]

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”