Why Is There Such A Decrease In EEOC Filings? Is This Good?

The EEOC just released its always-interesting yearly breakdown of charges filed and resolved.

At the end of every fiscal year, which ends September 30th, the EEOC issues in a press release its “results” with respect to number of cases files and completed, the amount of money recovered for employees, and other stats, and provides a link […]

Waitresses: Vulnerable To Sexual Harassment

Those who harass vulnerable workers are on the EEOC’s radar.  Not a surprise: this is one of the EEOC’s announced priorities. 

And who are “vulnerable workers?”

The EEOC just announced (like yesterday) a $70,00 settlement with a Florida restaurant franchise.  It was alleged that the owner and manager sexually harassed female employees through unwelcome touching, stalking, and sexual comments. Female […]

If You Were A Health Provider Named “Mercy” or “Dignity” Would You Discriminate Against A Blind Employee And One With MS?

Unless you read this blog, you would think that “you can’t make this stuff up!” Readers: you know better.

How long have I been flogging health care providers with the notion that the EEOC finds them easy pickins’ when it comes to discrimination against employees with disabilities and those who are pregnant?

Think of it (for the […]

“Stay Away If You Are Old” Church Tells Congregation Looking To Attract Young People

Yep, you read that correctly.

“A struggling Minnesota church is asking its older parishioners to leave in hopes of making it more attractive to young families.”


I guess this place believes that older people turn off younger people. Is this a religious tenet, or just personal ageism?

This is not an employment-related story, but (1) it is, […]

“Stay Home and Bake Cookies!”

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

Being female in a traditionally dominated male workplace can be tough. Several industries such as fire and police departments, automative services, and construction crews have long contained skewed gender ratios.

Including truckers.

Just ask one female truck driver who filed a complaint late last week in Pennsylvania federal court against her employer, a construction […]

No “N-Word,” But A Noose: Brevity Is The Soul Of Witlessness

Two racial harassment cases were just settled by the EEOC and the only thing of real note to me is that the N-word apparently was not used.  This is an exception in these cases, of course.

Racial animus still rears its ugly head in the workplace, as these cases evidence.   I try to post about every racial […]

“Ethical Veganism” Declared Covered By Employment Anti-Discrimination Law!

Well, not in the US.  At least, not yet.

Progress, as many believe, might be measured by who gets protected in the workplace under the anti-discrimination laws, such as (without limitation), Title VII, the ADA or the ADEA.  That is, among other things, which classes of people, or which people who possess what characteristics, or which people […]

Are BigLaw(yers) “Born To Run?”

Apologies to the Boss, but BigLaw lawyers were not born to run. . .  they had to be trained – long and hard:

— to run the gauntlet of constant testing, competition, prep classes, more testing, no sleeping, more competition, and admissions folks who at first didn’t believe that you were the captain of the body surfing team […]

Geriatric Care “Giant” versus Pregnant Nurse: Guess Who Won?

Now, why would a health care company discriminate against a pregnant or disabled employee? Seems to contradict everything that a health care provider is supposed to stand for.

Now, why would a health care company discriminate against a pregnant or disabled employee? Seems to contradict everything that a health care provider is supposed to stand for.

Seems also to be self-destructive, […]

BigLaw: “If this is beginning to sound like the last days of Rome. …”

“This is undoubtedly the last generation for whom the traditional partnership model is the standard.”


This quote is from *a blockbuster blog post ostensibly about lateral transfers in BigLaw but really about the sustainability and future of the BigLaw model in general. The author, Mark Cohen, of Legalmosaic, in analyzing lateral transfers in BigLaw, says that […]