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Top 4 BigLaw Workplace Injuries

So, I was enjoying my latest issue of must-read Tulsa World with a cup of coffee last week when I noticed a short article about an entrepreneur who started a mobile app after his father fell from an oil derrick and was killed when his safety harness snapped.

As a litigator who does a good deal […]

Religious Discrimination In The Workplace: Both Flavors

We’ve written before that cases of religious discrimination in the workplace generally come in two flavors (not always, of course):  employers prohibiting religious garb or religious grooming, or discriminating as to an employee’s observance of religious beliefs.

Well, a new EEOC lawsuit and a new EEOC settlement illustrate both situations nicely.  And also the need for reasonable accommodations – […]

Nooses and Racial Slurs Increase In Workplaces: New SF Incident Reported

It didn’t take long since my last post, and Amy’s – last week – for another workplace incident involving nooses to be reported.

Today’s New York Times reports that three African-American construction workers in San Francisco claim that they were subjected to “racial slurs and death threats, including black dolls hanging from nooses in the bathroom.”

Their […]

8 Tips On What Not To Say To Older Employees

So, I’m a collector. Not of baseball cards (anymore), or stamps (anymore), or dried beetles (never).

No, it’s not a hobby or a Saturday afternoon substitute for a day at the beach.   It’s a serious pursuit that seemingly has no end in sight.

And it keeps me busy. Very busy.

In my new Above The Law post, I […]

Shocking New Workplace Racial Harassment Case Filed

I just posted in Above The Law about another workplace racial harassment case.  I noted that “the N-word and nooses are still popular.  But, indeed, cases involving KKK hoods and other white supremacist slurs and epithets are — sure as ever — increasing.”

This ATL post is a sad coda to Amy’s recent post here about racial harassment.

My takeaway: “Employers […]

Another fish shot in a barrel by the EEOC!

Chalk up another fish shot in a barrel by the EEOC.  Another low hanging fruit plucked!

To anyone who reads this blog, you know that I keep track of the cases in which the EEOC zeros in on health care providers who allegedly violate the Americans With Disabilities Act or The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of Title […]

What’s With This Fetish About Pants? A Look At Workplace Dress Codes

Now that winter has turned into summer — overnight — the issue of clothes at work is front and center. (Isn’t it?). What to wear? No tie? Sandals? Tube top?

The question is asked a lot: Is there any regulation of what an employer can require by way of dress and grooming?

The answer: Not really. The […]

Staffing Company Alleged To Have Violated Virtually Every Employment Discrimination Law

The “N-word” again.

It’s been some time since we’ve seen that is an employment discrimination lawsuit.

And alleged violations of Title VII, the ADA, the ADEA … discrimination on the basis of sex, race, age, and disability.

Wow! All from one employer! What were they thinking? (No, don’t tell me).

The EEOC has alleged in a newly-filed suit that […]

Drug Using Employee? Better Conduct An Individualized Assessment Before You Fire!

It seems that a child development center in South Carolina just settled an EEOC disability lawsuit for $5,000 (and other remedies) for hiring someone to be an afterschool teacher who had informed them of his prior opiate addiction and participation in a MAT program (“supervised medication-assisted treatment”) for which he was legally prescribed the drug […]

Success At Big Law? Maybe It’s Time To Cut Your Losses

“Success is a relative thing.

To some it’s the corner office, more money, and professional recognition.  To others its living a peaceful life next to Walden Pond, or traveling and working odd jobs all over the world, or devoting life to people, animals, or a cause.  But today, let’s stick to making it as a lawyer, […]