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Richard B. Cohen is a partner in the New York City office of FisherBroyles, LLP, a national law firm. Richard Cohen has litigated and arbitrated complex corporate, commercial and employment disputes for more than 35 years, and is a trusted advisor to business owners and in-house counsel both in the United States and internationally. His clients have included Fortune 100 companies, domestic and foreign commercial and investment banks, Pacific-rim corporations and real estate development companies, as well as start-up businesses throughout the United States. Email Richard at Richard.Cohen@fisherbroyles.com

Success At Big Law? Maybe It’s Time To Cut Your Losses

“Success is a relative thing.

To some it’s the corner office, more money, and professional recognition.  To others its living a peaceful life next to Walden Pond, or traveling and working odd jobs all over the world, or devoting life to people, animals, or a cause.  But today, let’s stick to making it as a lawyer, […]

Here’s What You Need To Know To “Accommodate” An Employee With A Disability

Let’s set the stage for this “how to” post with a newly-filed lawsuit.

A Georgia for-profit thrift store was just sued by the EEOC, which alleged that an employee with COPD and emphysema asked to be allowed to wear an oxygen backpack to treat her symptoms.  Fairly simple request.  However, the company’s management denied her repeated requests.

Her […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Take A Swing At The Boss – A Risk Management Perspective

In a tongue in cheek post in Above The Law, I provided “5 Reasons Why You Should Not Take A Swing At The Boss – A Risk Management Perspective.”

However, there was a real takeaway: “Take a walk around the block, go to a yoga class, or, kvetch to your spouse.  Just don’t, DON’T, don’t resort […]

Onionhead Must Pay $5.1 Million For Religious Coercion Of Employees

You may well be wondering what Onionhead is. And what it does. Or why it was sued – by the EEOC.

Is it a corporate wellness program? A self-improvement workshop? A religion?

Well – wonder no more!

What IS Onionhead?

According to the website of the entity which sponsors Onionhead, “Harnessing Happiness Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to teaching problem solving skills, conflict resolution […]

We Welcome To Our Fold The New Blog AllThingsERISA By Jewell and Sarah!

It’s very exciting for us to introduce and welcome a new blog to provide readers even greater breadth to our employment law blogs – AllThingsERISA authored by our ERISA/Benefits partners Jewell Lim Esposito and Sarah Ivy.

This is the link.

It seems that we just welcomed blogger extraordinaire Eric Meyer and his world famous “The Employer Handbook” (www.TheEmployerHandbook.com) […]

No, No Manolo! Stick To Shoes!

In my new Above The Law post I noted that Manolo Blahnik, the shoe king, was concerned about giving compliments at work — he told an interviewer “about how he struggles with knowing ‘what he can say …  I cannot say, ‘How wonderful you look.’  I cannot pay compliments… because maybe it can be called sexual harassment.’”

I said that
“Not […]

EEOC Sues Another Health Care Provider For Alleged Pregnancy Discrimination

Well, chalk up another healthcare provider nabbed by the EEOC for allegedly violating the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (“PDA”), an amendment to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Add this to the numerous such lawsuits brought against healthcare providers under the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”).

I have warned healthcare providers for years not to […]

Completed Sexual Harassment Training: Fired For Sexual Harassment 6 Weeks Later

Here’s a news brief that is quite disturbing – on many levels.

All Iowa Senate employees are required to participate in sexual harassment training and then attest that they have read Iowa Senate personnel guidelines which prohibit all types of harassment.

Well, according to the Des Moines Register it seems that a young Senate clerk participated in […]

Texas Federal Court Holds Transgender Woman Covered by Title VII

A breaking new decision out of a federal court in Texas perhaps points the way to the future in civil rights employment litigation. It involves a transgender woman who was denied hiring and sued under Title VII claiming gender discrimination.

The result was not in favor of plaintiff, but the Court’s reasoning and acceptance of transgendered […]

Salvation Army Refused To Hire Man With Intellectual Disability: Agrees To Pay $55,000

“Say it ain’t so!  Not the Salvation Army!”

This was the reaction of a lot of blog readers in late 2016 when I reported that the EEOC had just sued a Salvation Army thrift store in Wasilla, Alaska (I think I can see it from my roof!), for allegedly refusing to hire an otherwise qualified young man for […]