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Why Can’t You Just Let Her Use The Door …

If they would have only let her use the available non-revolving door – but, no, a Georgia managed health care provider (of all people) allegedly refused this accommodation to an employee with a disability which made it traumatic for her to enter revolving doors.  You would think that a health care provider would know better – and be more […]

“Chivalry” Is Not Dead – It Just May Be Considered Sexual Harassment Now

Last year I authored a post in Above The Law in which I mentioned an interview with Manolo Blahnik. Apparently, the modern workplace left him confused.

“He shared an increasingly common workplace concern: can I still compliment women at work, or could that be considered sexual harassment?”

Manolo bemoaned that “he struggles with knowing what he […]

Ah, The “Mommy Track” At BigLaw – Fast Track To Lower Pay and Marginalization

As you know, we here at FisherBroyles have only wonderful things to say about BigLaw.  Being refugees of BigLaw ourselves, we all loved (among so many other things):

… its cutthroat intra-firm competition (what better way to hone necessary legal skills!);

… its long hours devoted solely, of course, to client interests and personal/professional development;

… its billable […]

Celebrity Guest Blogger Eric Meyer On A Better Way To Practice Law

“Workplace inertia is like a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking,” says Eric B. Meyer in his world famous and award-winning, blog TheEmployerHandbook.com.

We are very happy and proud that, as a holiday gift to our readers, we can give you, in its entirety  — Eric’s post!  It is sooo good and profound and sooo important, that we urge […]

Hope This Is A One-Off – Pentecostal Employees Harassed By Supervisor: EEOC

We have not seen this type of workplace discrimination case often – outright harassment based upon religion.

What we see are cases of discrimination based upon the wearing of religious garb (think hijab or yarmulka), or discrimination because an employee requires an accommodation for attending religious services or observance of the Sabbath.

We have published many posts about […]

New “Toolkit” Developed To Aid Vulnerable Agricultural Workers

I’ve written a lot about sexual harassment of vulnerable workers – that they are more likely to suffer sexual assault and harassment.

Workers are “vulnerable” to discrimination and harassment for many reasons and in many situations, mostly evidenced by their powerlessness and the low status of their jobs. For example, they may fear running afoul of […]

One More “N-word” Case Settles

A Long Island location of what is touted as the “country’s largest casual Mexican restaurant chain,” has just settled an EEOC racial harassment lawsuit which, as usual, alleged that the N-word was used.  

Apparently, an African-American chef at the restaurant:

“was subjected to frequent verbal harassment and offensive language by co-workers. The harassment included the regular […]

Sing It With Pride Boomers: “Talkin ‘Bout My G… G …G … Generation”*

The more things change …

The latest internet “controversy” is the meme/joke/slur/put down/just kidding “OK, Boomer.” The number of articles and blog posts about this is astounding. Hit a nerve, maybe?

Is it, as some argue, ageist? A workplace no-no? Or is it, as other argue, just a ribbing and not to be taken seriously?  Like a […]

“Stupid Ass N *****” — Noooo, Not Enough To Be Considered Racial Harassment

Some time ago I analyzed court cases regarding the use of the N-word and nooses in workplace racial harassment cases.  I found in my (admittedly small, but not that small) sample, that either the N-word, a nooses, or both, were used in the vast majority of such cases.

Since the federal standard for hostile workplace is “severe […]

Disabled Worker Settles Suit Against (Guess) … Provider of Disability Services

Chalk up another easy settlement for the EEOC – an ADA disability lawsuit by an employee who worked for a non-profit which … (take a guess) … provides job opportunities to people with disabilities!

Yes, here’s another health care or related provider which ignored our constant refrain that they are in the cross hairs of the […]