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Don’t Be A Target For the EEOC, Doc!

While we’ve all been hunkering down, fearful for our own health and the health of our loved ones, neighbors and the entire world, the EEOC has still been ferreting out the activities of health care employers who have seemingly lost sight of their purpose.

I’m talking about the health care providers who are alleged to have […]

How UK businesses can cut staff costs during the corona crisis and still retain talent

By:  Peter Finding, London Partner


Cashflow is a major concern for businesses during the coronavirus crisis.  The vast majority are looking to cut staff costs in order to survive the coronavirus pandemic, and indeed prosper once normality is restored. But what if you have a talented workforce who […]

A Harasser for All Seasons

Now here’s a manager who seemingly has no issue with harassing women, African Americans and foreign-born employees. And now the company, an Ithaca, N.Y. manufacturer, is settling the EEOC’s case which alleged sex, race and national origin discrimination, for $93,000.

Nothing seemed beneath him: as the EEOC claimed, a noose for the only […]

Is one “N-word” severe enough to constitute a hostile work environment? A reader adds A surprising twist

Almost four years ago, I posted a piece asking how many how many times an African-American employee must endure the sight of a hanging noose, or suffer other crude and offensive racial or other epithets, for the situation to become a hostile work environment and racial harassment.

The question was: is one “N-word” sufficiently severe?

Under existing […]

Is Switzerland Ready For This?

The United States has yet to endorse equality for people based upon their sexual orientation. Some states and municipalities have done so, and polls show that a majority of Americans support this – but that obviously is not enough.

And now the Supreme Court is poised to rule on a case this Spring that will either support […]

“Super fun work environment!” (older people need not apply)

Apropos a recent post about words and phrases which subtly-but-not-so-subtly connote that older workers are not wanted, I just read an article which had a short quote from the AARP’s Director of Multicultural outreach and engagement.

The article noted that “Subtle words and phrases, like ‘recent college graduate’ and ‘digital native’ are terms … meant […]

“When Is It Time To Take Granddad’s Car Keys Away?” A Tough Workplace Discussion

We are living longer. And working longer. This is good.

And our culture and laws prohibit age discrimination in the workplace. This is also good.

However, as an adjunct to that, we must deal with something that no prior generation has had to deal with (at least not as much): “when is it time to take granddad’s car […]

“A Lean And Agile Workforce Wanted!” (Older Folks Need Not Apply)

I’m always interested to see how different words, terms and expressions are used by employers to communicate that “old people need not apply.”  You know – anyone over .

This is illegal ageism, pure and simple – but the language used can be subtle (sometimes, but not every time, as a brick!).

I just read about a new […]

Why Is There Such A Decrease In EEOC Filings? Is This Good?

The EEOC just released its always-interesting yearly breakdown of charges filed and resolved.

At the end of every fiscal year, which ends September 30th, the EEOC issues in a press release its “results” with respect to number of cases files and completed, the amount of money recovered for employees, and other stats, and provides a link […]

Waitresses: Vulnerable To Sexual Harassment

Those who harass vulnerable workers are on the EEOC’s radar.  Not a surprise: this is one of the EEOC’s announced priorities. 

And who are “vulnerable workers?”

The EEOC just announced (like yesterday) a $70,00 settlement with a Florida restaurant franchise.  It was alleged that the owner and manager sexually harassed female employees through unwelcome touching, stalking, and sexual comments. Female […]