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The Manager Is “Gonna Make The [N-words] Work Like Mexicans” But It’s OK – “We All Grew Up In The ‘Hood”

Here in good ol’ NYC, a new case was filed of racial harassment of an African American employee alleging (take a guess … you can do it) … use of the N-word!  Wouldn’t you know it – a racial harassment case using the N-word.  How last year, right? (Well, to be accurate, the acts alleged […]

Amy Quoted by SHRM: Antibody Testing And The Workplace

“he priority should be to make sure that employers have a safe workplace.” This is always a priority, and in light of the covid pandemic, our partner Amy Epstein Gluck (a/k/a the Notorious AEG), restated this in a new SHRM article about antibody tests and the workplace implications.

Amy cited what […]

Easy Pickins For The EEOC – Again

Sigh …

I’m getting tired of repeatedly blogging that health care and medical providers are at serious risk of EEOC enforcement actions for alleged violations of the disability pregnancy discrimination laws because they are easy pickins.

Or like shooting fish in a barrel.

As I have blogged … maybe a gazillion times … such employers are “low hanging […]

Supreme Court Blockbuster: Title VII Covers LGBT Employees!

Wow! As noted in today’s New York Times, in a 6-3 Title VII decision written by JUSTICE GORSUCH (!) and joined in by Chief Justice Roberts:

“The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a landmark civil rights law protects gay and transgender workers from workplace discrimination, handing the movement for L.G.B.T. equality a stunning victory.”

This […]

A Noose In The Workplace? Still?

Even in the midst of a great societal upheaval regarding racial discrimination and harassment, cases of workplace harassment continue unabated.  I guess it is unsurprising, albeit unfortunate, given that the workplace is riven with the same issues as society at large, and, indeed, is simply a microcosm of society at large.

I’ve written so much about […]

Don’t Be A Target For the EEOC, Doc!

While we’ve all been hunkering down, fearful for our own health and the health of our loved ones, neighbors and the entire world, the EEOC has still been ferreting out the activities of health care employers who have seemingly lost sight of their purpose.

I’m talking about the health care providers who are alleged to have […]

How UK businesses can cut staff costs during the corona crisis and still retain talent

By:  Peter Finding, London Partner


Cashflow is a major concern for businesses during the coronavirus crisis.  The vast majority are looking to cut staff costs in order to survive the coronavirus pandemic, and indeed prosper once normality is restored. But what if you have a talented workforce who […]

A Harasser for All Seasons

Now here’s a manager who seemingly has no issue with harassing women, African Americans and foreign-born employees. And now the company, an Ithaca, N.Y. manufacturer, is settling the EEOC’s case which alleged sex, race and national origin discrimination, for $93,000.

Nothing seemed beneath him: as the EEOC claimed, a noose for the only […]

Is one “N-word” severe enough to constitute a hostile work environment? A reader adds A surprising twist

Almost four years ago, I posted a piece asking how many how many times an African-American employee must endure the sight of a hanging noose, or suffer other crude and offensive racial or other epithets, for the situation to become a hostile work environment and racial harassment.

The question was: is one “N-word” sufficiently severe?

Under existing […]

Is Switzerland Ready For This?

The United States has yet to endorse equality for people based upon their sexual orientation. Some states and municipalities have done so, and polls show that a majority of Americans support this – but that obviously is not enough.

And now the Supreme Court is poised to rule on a case this Spring that will either support […]