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Amy Epstein Gluck is a partner in the Washington D.C. office of FisherBroyles, LLP, a national law firm. She has represented individuals and corporate clients in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and various federal district courts for more than twenty years. Ms. Epstein Gluck’s current practice areas include employment law—advising on and drafting employment agreements; handling employment negotiations, severance agreements, noncompete and nondisclosure agreements, “wrongful terminations” and other EEO matters; representation at the EEOC level; advising employers about discrimination laws and how to remain in compliance, and employment negotiations. Email Amy at Amy Gluck@fisherbroyles.com

“Too Butch”— Sex Stereotyping

By:  Amy Epstein Gluck

While discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is still not expressly prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”), the federal anti-discrimination law that prohibits sex discrimination, (although the issue is currently before the courts) discrimination on the basis of gender stereotypes is proscribed. By the […]

Setting the Record Straight on (Sexual) Harassment

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

People are confused!

From Uber to a well-known jewelry chain, ad agencies and TV hosts, from Harvey Weinstein to restaurant employees, I hear more and more that there is confusion about what actually constitutes sexual harassment or racial harassment or age-based harassment, etc.—let’s call it unlawful harassment.

Recently, the spouse of one of my […]

Employer Update: Minimizing Gender Bias and Eradicating Sexual Harassment

By Amy Epstein Gluck

So how do we even attempt to clear up this mess in the workplace, the “bro clubs,” and other “hotbeds” of sexual harassment saturating the media recently, and which we talked about here?

Behaviors need to change—ok, there’s no doubt about that.

You can consider some recent lists—treat the women you work with like […]

Oh Harvey! We’ll Need a Memo to the File

By Amy Epstein Gluck

Until last Thursday, the name Harvey Weinstein evoked popular culture of the 1990’s and 2000’s. Weinstein is the producer who gave us beautiful, lyrical films like The English Patient and Chocolat. He made groundbreaking movies like Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction (personally, my favorite soundtrack), and Carol, and produced the popular franchises […]

The Hostess With The Mostest? Not Exactly.

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

Last Friday, on September 29, the EEOC filed a lawsuit against a restaurant in Virginia alleging that the restaurant violated federal law by subjecting an 18-year-old female employee to a sexually hostile work environment and retaliating against her by reducing her hours when she complained about the alleged harassment.

The complaint alleged that […]

Performance Ratings Conditioned Upon After-Work Social Events Attendance

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

Back in July, I talked to Washington Post columnist Karla Miller, who writes an excellent Sunday column called @workadvice for WaPo’s weekly Magazine. The subject of our chat: a letter writer (“LW”) inquired about the legality of a company’s implementation of an appraisal system that included ratings for attendance at corporate social […]

The ADA’s Interactive Process—Not “One and Done”

By:  Amy Epstein Gluck

“I provided medical leave for Joe Schmoe . Aren’t I done? Haven’t I complied with the law?”

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

Yesterday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the federal anti-discrimination laws, announced a large (i.e., six figures) monetary settlement against an employer—a large medical center […]

Is It Ok For A Supervisor to Ask A Subordinate To Cook For Him In the Nude? Not So Much.

By: Amy Epstein Gluck 

Is it Ok for a company’s Human Resources (“HR”) department to respond to said subordinate employee’s complaint of being asked to cook in the nude for her supervisor “oh that’s just the way he is”? I think not.

A Charlotte newspaper recently reported about a lawsuit filed against a company where an employee […]

Good for Google—Taking Corrective Action Against Sex Stereotyping

By Amy Epstein Gluck

Reminiscent of Jerry Maguire’s mission statement (“The Things We Think and Do Not Say”) and subsequent firing, it has been widely reported today that Google fired an employee for his “manifesto,” which purported to explain why women are not suited to working in the tech industry and/or why men are more biologically […]

A “Plan” to Combat Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

Entrepreneur Meena Harris, founder of the “Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign,” has a plan for the sexual harassment allegations pervading Silicon Valley companies.

As Ms. Harris wrote here, industry leaders have begun to highlight sexual harassment as an issue that the tech community must grapple with and solve.

And she thinks this position must be taken a […]