By: Amy Epstein Gluck

Guess what I’m doing this week?

Nope, not at the beach.

No, no, I’m not sipping a cappuccino at a charming Parisian bakery.

And, no, I’m not holed up in my basement office becoming more Vitamin D deficient by failing to step outside.

I’m TRAINING! What kind of training, you ask? I’m training managers as to ADA/FMLA basics and curbing FMLA abuse as well as the significance of documentation in a wide variety of circumstances: not just terminations but performance, conduct, investigations, allegations, promotions, demotions, and, well, basically, all terms and conditions of employment.

Well, #employers, do your managers know how to recognize when an employee requests #FMLA leave? Even if the employee doesn’t use the words?

Do your managers know how to engage in the interactive process under the ADA and how and why to document that process?

Do your managers know the POWER of documentation as to employee performance, conduct, and discipline?

If not, I can certainly explain it. IMG_0049.jpg