The EEOC just sued a Chili’s restaurant in Colorado alleging that “the restaurant’s managing partner and assistant manager subjected female servers and hostesses to sexual harassment, including pervasive sexual comments and innuendo.”

Moreover, it is alleged that “the restaurant failed to take preventative or corrective action when employees complained about the harassment and that some women who could not tolerate the harassment were forced to resign. … [and] that management took retaliatory action against some of the female employees who complained about the harassment, including a reduction in scheduled hours.”

This should be a wake up call to ALL New York employers — City and State — you are now required by law to provide anti-sexual harassment training!

Like now!

Every employer in New York – State or City – should  be advised: 

This week – April 1st – New York City’s anti-sexual harassment training law went into effect and it requires private employers with 15 or more employees in the previous calendar year to provide annual “interactive” sexual harassment training to all employees — their including some independent contractors and part-time employees.

The New York State law which went into effect last fall requires all employers of any size to ensure that all employees engage in annual, interactive anti-harassment training.

And when does this have to be done?

NYS law: anti-sexual harassment training must be completed by October 9, 2019.

NYC law: anti-sexual harassment training must be completed by March 31, 2020.

Do it now!!!  Don’t jeopardize your business – be compliant!

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