HR: Do Not Delay When Designating Leave Under the FMLA

By Amy Epstein Gluck

As readers of this blog know, I don’t wade into FMLA territory. I leave that for my employment law partner Eric Meyer or to FMLA guru, Jeff Nowak at FMLA Insights. However, a wonderful bout of insomnia early this morning has me on the computer and my third cup of coffee by 7 a.m.! […]

Job Applicants and the ADA

By Amy Epstein Gluck

Does the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) apply to job applicants as well as employees? Yes, indeed!

One employer, an international customer service support provider for electronic devices in Nashville, Tennessee, just learned this lesson as it paid up $50K in a settlement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for rejecting a paraplegic job […]

Disabled Employees and Harassing Coworkers: Significant New Decision

Well, it took a while but the federal circuit appeals court in NY just joined it “sister circuits” and held that “hostile work environment claims are cognizable under the ADA.”

What does this mean?

Title VII provides that it “shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge […]

Accusations of “Institutionalized Gender Discrimination” Dominate Women’s Professional Soccer

By Amy Epstein Gluck

Last week, the entire U.S. women’s soccer team filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles against the United States Soccer Federation alleging unequal pay, practice time, medical treatment, and other benefits and accusing it of “institutionalized gender discrimination.”

The date of the lawsuit: International Women’s Day.

Sound familiar?

It should. Back in 2016, […]

Vet With Service Dog Denied Employment: Was Company Asking The EEOC To Sue It?

There appears to be a new category of cases where the EEOC may be targeting employers who discriminate:  veterans with disabilities.


The employers are easy targets.  You know:  “low hanging fruit.”

I already posted last week about the EEOC going after “fat, juicy targets”:

My review of the cases brought by the EEOC in the last few years leads me to believe that […]

Waddya Think? Is The Word “Elderly” Offensive and Ageist?

Words are important; designations and characterizations are important. What people are called is important – for many reasons.

Readers know that I collect, among other things, words and comments directed to or describing older workers that are coded ageist comments.

Just the other day I summarized a few years’ worth of such coded language:

“Perhaps some employers think that […]

Opposition and Retaliation—Key Components of Laws Like Title VII and the ADA

By Amy Epstein Gluck

Yesterday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the federal anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws, sued a Maryland-based employer for terminating a director because she spoke out against what she believed was disability discrimination perpetuated against her subordinate employee.

The director complained to the HR Department of her company, which […]

Ridiculed At Work For Her Disability: EEOC

Workplace harassment is not limited to sexual or racial categories, although those are the most common. A new lawsuit by the EEOC shows how cruel people can be – ridiculing a disabled worker because of her disability.

A Michigan egg producer was sued for hostile work environment and retaliation by the EEOC on behalf of a line […]

The EEOC sees health care folks as fat, juicy targets in disability cases

It’s been some time now since I’ve written about the EEOC and “low hanging fruit” – so let me explain to new readers.

My review of the cases brought by the EEOC in the last few years leads me to believe that the EEOC finds that targeting health care professionals for disability or pregnancy discrimination yields cheap […]