A new study on the dire health effects of workplace bullying and violence has been reverberating worldwide and, perhaps … maybe … possibly, might open the door to the possibility for the enactment, or at least serious discussion, of workplace anti-bullying legislation, which has been effectively stalled in the US.

I wrote about this, and more, in my new Above The Law blog post.

The study concluded that “People who are bullied at work or experience violence at work are at higher risk of heart and brain blood vessel problems, including heart attacks and stroke, according to the largest prospective study to investigate the link, which is published in the European Heart Journal.”

Wrap you mind around these stats: “Bullied workers had a 59 percent higher risk of cardiovascular disease, and victims of violence or threats of violence had a 25 percent higher risk … And more bullying and violence meant an even greater risk of heart problems — with workers bullied every day having a 120 percent higher risk of cardiovascular issues.”

“Who would notice if it’s a man or woman in the Santa suit in any event?”


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