A short quiz today on the degree of safety and freedom from sexual harassment for girls and young women in cities around the world.  This, by way of a new report by the humanitarian group, Plan International, which surveyed experts across six continents.

Q.  Which city is the worst in the world for girls and young women as regards sexual harassment?

A.  If you guessed Bogota, Columbia, you would be right.

Q.  How about the most dangerous city for girls and young women going out alone, day or night?

A.  That’s right. Lima, Peru.

Q.  In what city are girls and young women most at risk of kidnap and murder?

Can’t guess?

A.  Kampala, Uganda.

And the best??

Q.  Finally, what city is safest for girls and young women as regards sexual harassment and going out alone at night?

A.  Stockholm, Sweden!

How to fix the worst cities?

The experts surveyed suggested changing gender norms such as with gender training and awareness raising; improving city infrastructure; better lighting, bans on drinking in public; improved law enforcement; and increasing the number of women on governmental safety bodies.

Some good graphs and stats can be found in a news article about the report.