Is the money enough to keep you at BigLaw? it  better be.

As I just asked in my  Above The Law post, “What do you think about when you think about the virtues of BigLaw? Besides the money, I mean.


Ok, Ok …

It’s the money.”

I’ve extolled the virtues of BigLaw before: “the leisurely lifestyle, the sense of freedom and autonomy, the back-slapping camaraderie (isn’t your Biglaw firm like that?), and the … (wait … umm, there was one more minor thing), oh yeah … the money.”

Sure, I wrote, everyone knows about the virtues of BigLaw – “the constant cajoling and threats to “BILL MORE!” and the warnings that if your hours fall below 2,400 hours, the $1,000 bonus would not be given, or you could be canned,” and “the wonderous mysteries of compensation” and the “kiss[ing] up to the right people” and the “fun game of hide-and-seek fun game of hide-and-seek by devising creative ways to be scarce on Friday afternoon [trying] … to be scarce on Friday afternoon.”

But there must be some downsides to BigLaw, right?

I suppose.


How about the ubiquitous screaming partners?

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