Let My People Go! Or, Another Blow To Noncompetes

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

As an employment lawyer for organizations large and small, I hear this common refrain: “I need an ironclad noncompete that stops my employees from running away with my business.”

Not so fast!

But why? This seems reasonable, right?

Well…it depends. I know, you hear that a lot from lawyers. There are other interesting restrictive covenants […]

Double Standards and Sex Stereotypes? Just ask Serena Williams.

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

Settle in people, and grab some coffee because I have a lot to say today about Saturday’s Grand Slam between the legendary Serena Williams and upcoming powerhouse Naomi Osaka.

Before you ask, “But, Amy, what does this have to do with employment and the workplace?”

The tennis court is Serena Williams’ workplace. It’s her […]

“All Associates To Bible Study Class Now – Its Mandatory!”

The religious discrimination cases which get reported involve, typically, an employee whose religious beliefs require certain dress or grooming which contravenes a company’s “look policy,” or an employee whose religious beliefs and practices require certain days or time off.

Here’s a twist:  What about a case where an employee, who does not share the religious belief […]