So, I was enjoying my latest issue of must-read Tulsa World with a cup of coffee last week when I noticed a short article about an entrepreneur who started a mobile app after his father fell from an oil derrick and was killed when his safety harness snapped.

As a litigator who does a good deal of employment-related work, that piece also nicely dovetailed with my review of a bar chart known as the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index – a chart of the top 10 most disabling workplace injuries, like #4 — “struck by object or equipment,” or #5 — “other exertions or bodily reactions.”

What if there was a central place — a BigLaw app, where BigLaw workplace incidents, “close calls,” and substandard conditions could be reported in real time – we could get a more complete picture of the varying degrees of safety risks at BigLaw.

And don’t kid yourself — there are plenty.

Anyway, I took a wild guess as to what the top 4 Biglaw workplace injuries might be — and wrote an Above The Law post which you can read here.