How Not to Handle an ADA Accommodation Request

We have a special treat for you today—a guest blogger! Rich and I welcome our employee benefits partner Gary Lawson’s article to this Blog—

By: Gary Lawson

Whether or not your business has employees within the boundaries of the federal  6th Circuit (Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee), there are some important lessons employers should learn from the recent […]

Welcome Eric Meyer!

We at FisherBroyles (and Amy and me, in particular) are very pleased to announce that blogger par excellence – the King of Blogs, the world-famous purveyor of employment law blogisrty wisdom, and all around good guy … ERIC MEYER!! has become a partner at our firm!

That’s right! He’s here!

We now have added to our nationwide […]

FisherBroyles’ Christina H. Bost Seaton to Moderate ABA Panel On Noncompetes and Trade Secrets

We’re proud to announce that on March 24, 2018 our partner, Christina H. Bost Seaton, Esq., will be moderating a panel on “Strategic Use of Forensic Experts in Prosecuting and Defending Noncompete, Trade Secret and Business Tort Claims,” at the American Bar Association’s Midwinter Meetings in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

The meetings are being held from March […]

Top 10 Tips – No 11: How To Avoid Getting Sued For Employment Discrimination

Do you know the best ways not to get sued for employment discrimination or harassment?

List lovers — this one’s for you!

You like a quick and easy to read (or even memorize, or cut out) list – like the Ten Bill of Rights, or the Seven Blocks of Granite, or the Fab 5, or the Four Tops, or […]

5 Surprising Things About Hair In The Workplace

My new post in Above The Law noted that:

“Employment law is, perhaps, one of the more interesting areas in which to practice. The workplace tends to be society’s battlefield – where culture wars play out, where emerging trends go up against firmly established ones, where seemingly intractable national problems become reduced to one employee versus […]

Employer Rejects Older Applicant: “Age Will Matter”

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written about – or even seen – a new code word or phrase for age discrimination.

The last time involved the EEOC which had just sued a Florida restaurant under the Age Discrimination In Employment Act (“ADEA”), alleging that it told a qualified applicant for a general manager position that it refused […]

“Still Easy Pickins!” Healthcare Providers And Pregnancy and Disability Discrimination

Well, another healthcare provider nabbed by the EEOC for allegedly violating the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (“PDA”), an amendment to the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Add this to the numerous such lawsuits brought against heathcare providers under the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”).

Once again, a new lawsuit makes it time to […]

“Inclusion Rider”-What’s That?

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

New buzz phrase, y’all. It’s been around awhile, but just received a LOT of attention due to the 2018 Oscar awards and Frances McDormand’s Best Actress speech, which, if you’re so inclined, you can read about here.

So, what exactly is it?

An “inclusion rider” floats the idea that A-list actors may have […]