My new post in Above The Law noted that:

“Employment law is, perhaps, one of the more interesting areas in which to practice. The workplace tends to be society’s battlefield – where culture wars play out, where emerging trends go up against firmly established ones, where seemingly intractable national problems become reduced to one employee versus one employer, and where icons topple as others appear as if by magic.

I remember back when wearing long hair – say below the collar, could get you fired. While it was all about the hair, everyone knew that it went much deeper – that someone who grew his hair long was a symbol, even a threat – he was challenging the fifties notion of conformity. Here was the acting-out of a culture about to snap.

Some of you old timers may remember Crosby Still Nash & Young’s iconic song Almost Cut My Hair, in which the words “I feel like letting my freak flag fly” referred to long hair.

Or maybe not.”

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