“Men At Work”- #MentorHer

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

No, I’m not talking about the ‘80s band known for hits like “Down Under” and “Be Good Johnny.”

I’m talking about the following types of comments from your company’s male employees:

“How am I supposed to treat women now?”

“I don’t even know what I’m allowed to say anymore.”

“I’m afraid to invite a female colleague […]

“You snooze, you lose — you sue”

The New York Post just reported about three overweight people — one a hospital dispatcher, the second a bus driver, and the third a “would-be city garbage man,” who were fired (or not hired) allegedly because they fell asleep (or had a history of doing so) on the job.

And are now suing!

The Post said “You […]

“Only The Hearing Impaired (And Some Doctors) Actually Believe Hearing Impairment Is A Disability”

These are the words of a hearing-impaired lawyer.  So — is hearing-impairment a disability?

Deafness, or hearing impairment, as a disability, and the requirement of “reasonable accommodations,” is in the news because of a newly announced settlement of an Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) lawsuit brought by the EEOC against the Cheesecake Factory in Seattle.

It was alleged that a […]

Don’t Want To Get Sued By Your Own Employees? 5 Things Not To Do

At some point you may become an employer. You know – the boss! The Man (or Woman)! I said here some time ago: “No one ever said it would be easy.”

I’ve written before that not everything is reducible to a simple list.  But an entry on a list should at least be a beginning – […]

He Said/She Said-Making Informed Business Decisions in the #MeToo Era

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

The #MeToo Movement shows no signs of slowing. Now, more than any other time, companies are galvanized to prevent or, if prevention fails, to correct unlawful harassment where they find it.

You Are Doing Everything Right! Right?

You, Employer (including you, start-ups!), have your clear anti-harassment policy with definitions, examples, complaint, and investigative procedures. […]

Nooses And the N-Word At Work: Same As It Ever Was

It has been awhile since I posted about nooses and the N-word at work —
“It is extraordinary,” I wrote some years ago, “that the ‘N-word’ and the noose keep reappearing in lawsuits claiming a racially harassing workplace.”  And that “More than 50 years after the Civil Rights Acts were passed, racism continues in the society at […]

KFC Manager Forces Employee To Flush Prescribed Meds Down Toilet – Settles For $30,000

Employers take note:   If your employees are medically required to take medications, don’t insult them, make them flush theirs meds down the toilet and then fire them!

It’s not a good idea.

It’s also against the law.

The EEOC alleged that the corporate owner of a KFC restaurant in Georgia did just that with a bipolar employee – […]

Gender Pay Inequity—Across the Pond

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

England seems to be sharing America’s gender pay gap woes. Former BBC journalist Carrie Gracie, former China editor, recently explained to British legislators that she left in protest about her pay when she discovered that her male peers, including the male North America and Middle East editor, earned “at least 50 percent” […]