We wish to thank the entire United States Senate for reading our blog!

We blog, loudly and often, that employers must require such training for both managers and employees.  And the Senate had to have been reading our blog – what else can explain that they “passed a resolution Thursday mandating sexual harassment prevention training for all employees of the Senate, including senators.”

The Senate finally heard us … and acted!  And it was unanimous!  How often do you see that?

We’ve written that “Employers should understand that, from the top down, an anti-discrimination and anti-harassment tone and policy must be set, and all management personnel as well as line workers must be trained and educated in the basics of discrimination and harassment law and compliance and its application in the workplace.”

And they also must read my weekly column in Above The Law: I wrote that:  “From farm to Valley, from medical school to morgue, and from diner to library, ‘particularly vulnerable’ employees are subjected to sexual harassment.”

Indeed, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), co-author of the resolution, seemed to almost quote me when he said that “No place of work is immune to the all-too-prevalent scourge of sexual harassment, but we in Congress have a particular duty to set high standards of conduct.”

Thanks, Senator — duly noted!

Good work, everyone!  And please continue to follow us – we always provide best practices for employers!