Last week I posted a dialogue in Above The Law in the form of commentary by my partner, Amy Epstein Gluck, on my earlier ATL article which provided 9 tips on how not to be a workplace sexual harasser.  Part II was just published in ATL.

“Lest you think she wades into this unqualified, Amy Epstein Gluck (a/k/a The Notorious ‘AEG’) practices employment law, is a commercial litigator in our D.C. office, and co-authors my firm’s employment discrimination blog (along with me).  She’s a heavy hitter in things employment.”

One of my original “9 Tips” was:  Don’t treat co-workers as friends.

Amy did not agree:

“It is a slippery slope to advise ‘don’t be friends.’ After all, we are friends. You and (our NY partner) Christina are friends. I’m friends with (partners) Ken, Paul, and Jack. We have amazing people at FisherBroyles who are our friends! People make friends at work. And they should.

We don’t want to treat women like live hand grenades either.”

Read the entire ATL post here.