I addressed my latest Above The Law post “to those who want to or are tempted to cross the line into non-consensual words or physical contact, or who have no clue and blunder across it, or who don’t know that there is a line and where it is.

“Consensual versus non-consensual words or conduct is the touchstone, and as I have written before, I believe that power differential is key to understanding the reason(s) why harassers feel that they can get away with — and, indeed, typically get away with — harassment, as is borne out by the ever-multiplying recent headlines.

“Tip #1: The workplace is not your frat house — and even then, especially then, this stuff is no longer tolerated. Leave your frat behavior behind and don’t repeat it.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.”

You can read the rest of the ATL article here.