The workplace is not your frat house. No touching. Ever!

I addressed my latest Above The Law post “to those who want to or are tempted to cross the line into non-consensual words or physical contact, or who have no clue and blunder across it, or who don’t know that there is a line and where it is.

“Consensual versus non-consensual words or conduct is the […]

Employer Update: Minimizing Gender Bias and Eradicating Sexual Harassment

By Amy Epstein Gluck

So how do we even attempt to clear up this mess in the workplace, the “bro clubs,” and other “hotbeds” of sexual harassment saturating the media recently, and which we talked about here?

Behaviors need to change—ok, there’s no doubt about that.

You can consider some recent lists—treat the women you work with like […]

Pregnant And Want A Workplace Accommodation? Forget It: ‘It’s Not Prison. You Can Quit!’

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is the subject of my new article in Above The Law.

“One way of understanding the PDA is to look to the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”) — there are many similarities and intersections between the two statutes, from the intent and purpose to the accommodation requirements.  As […]

The Value Of Trust In The Workplace

My new Above the Law article discusses this issue – specifically the “culture of trust,” the role of oxytocin, and tips for employees (and bosses)on how to develop trust.


Oh Harvey! We’ll Need a Memo to the File

By Amy Epstein Gluck

Until last Thursday, the name Harvey Weinstein evoked popular culture of the 1990’s and 2000’s. Weinstein is the producer who gave us beautiful, lyrical films like The English Patient and Chocolat. He made groundbreaking movies like Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction (personally, my favorite soundtrack), and Carol, and produced the popular franchises […]

The Hostess With The Mostest? Not Exactly.

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

Last Friday, on September 29, the EEOC filed a lawsuit against a restaurant in Virginia alleging that the restaurant violated federal law by subjecting an 18-year-old female employee to a sexually hostile work environment and retaliating against her by reducing her hours when she complained about the alleged harassment.

The complaint alleged that […]