I just posted an article in Above the Law in which I noted that:

“Unfortunately, recent events make it time to revisit the N-word in the workplace — which I wrote about only last month. At that time, I called it “progress” that a federal appeals court had found that a single use of the N-word was enough to create a hostile workplace, and thereby constitute actionable harassment under Title VII.

“Earlier, I wrote that ‘[i]t seems that racial harassment cases always have the same racial slurs and tropes: either the N-word, a noose, or both. Always. Although KKK hoods are becoming popular these days.’



“In April, a company allegedly subjected black and Hispanic employees to ‘severe racial harassment, [which] included a noose, a Ku Klux Klan hood and racist epithets and jokes. Despite complaints by employees to … senior management, the offensive conduct did not cease.’ The EEOC sued and the company settled for $175,000.”

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