The N-Word: How Many Uses Are “Severe” Enough To Create A Hostile Work Place?

In answer to the title question, I would have to say “not clear” – but likely more than one.

Courts, thankfully, are virtually unanimous in condemning such things.  Unfortunately, they are not so unanimous in their decisions.  Most courts have held that such racial slurs and tropes must occur more than once to make out a hostile […]

Of Hoodies And Hoverboards: Age Discrimination In Tech

Lisa Nagele-Piazza and Jon Steingart report in that “’Digital native’ is generally used to describe people who grew up using digital technology.”

But posting job ads seeking “digital natives” may very well violate the Age Discrimination In Employment Act (“ADEA”), since “digital natives” are by definition under a certain age. (What age is that, exactly?).

My […]

workplace sexual harassment and bullying: what other countries are doing

See what employers and employees in other countries are doing to deal with workplace sexual harassment and bullying:  Read my new weekly employment law post in Above The Law.

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Workplace Sexual Harassment And Bullying: Can Anything Be Done?

Mea Culpa! Can an act of personal absolution change sexual harassment in Silicon Valley?

“’While I’d like to believe that I’m not a bad or evil person, regardless it’s clear that some of my past actions have hurt or offended several women.  And I probably deserve to be called a creep.’

So sorry!

This was the admission of the founder of the start-up incubator 500 Startups who resigned after the New […]

A “Plan” to Combat Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

Entrepreneur Meena Harris, founder of the “Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign,” has a plan for the sexual harassment allegations pervading Silicon Valley companies.

As Ms. Harris wrote here, industry leaders have begun to highlight sexual harassment as an issue that the tech community must grapple with and solve.

And she thinks this position must be taken a […]