The title above is the title of my weekly article in Above The Law.

It begins:

“We all like to joke, tease, prank, and – face it – it sometimes gets a bit out of control, and the language gets a little ‘salty.’    All in good fun, in the right place and context.

But not in the workplace. Even by the water cooler. …

But is there a bright line to tell us when salty jokes, flirting, or ‘playful teasing crosses into sexual harassment?

And how about a compliment or casual remark such as ‘Hey, I like your dress,’ or ‘You look like you’ve been working out.’

Those bedeviled by this question span the globe; it’s not an issue just in the U.S. It seems that a balance needs to be struck between prohibiting harassment and creating a work environment that may be ‘sterile.’”

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