Physical attack?  Racial slurs such as the N-word?

Another horrendous case of workplace racial harassment.

Many times in the last decade I have chronicled such cases, especially where racial slurs such as the “N-word” are used, or nooses are placed in the workplace.  These extreme cases seemed to have abated somewhat in the last couple years.  Call me a pessimist but my gut (and watching the news) gives me the feeling that the number of such cases will increase in the near future.

In this latest settlement the EEOC accused a Decatur, Ill. custom sheet metal and HVAC company “of allowing its white employees to verbally harass and threaten a black employee of Puerto Rican origin, which ultimately led to a brutal physical assault.

“The national origin and color harassment allegedly included slurs such as ‘s..c,’ ‘n….r,’ ‘Mexican n—-r,’ and ‘wetback.’ The EEOC also claimed that [company] management, including one of its owners, knew about the discrimination and failed to act to stop it.”

It cost the company $325,00 to settle.

No takeaway today.