Employers Must Accommodate Time Off For Religious Observances

Once again the “takeaway” comes first today – in the form of a quote from an EEOC official:

“Unfortunately, employers refusing time off for religious observances has become an increasingly common issue affecting the workforce. We hope that suits like this will help educate employers on their responsibilities to respect workers’ religious needs.”

What prompted this quote?

The […]

BigLaw = A Bloated Behemoth (But there is an alternative!)

As an escapee from the grind of traditional BigLaw, and after reading in American Law Media an article by Roy Strom about the enormous growth in a visionary cost-effective alternative to the BigLaw model – which included a number of quotes from the co-founding partner of my firm, FisherBroyles – Kevin Broyles – it occurred to me to reprise my post of a number […]

Workplace Bullying: Who Is Vulnerable?

I just wrote about workplace bullying in my weekly Above The Law column, and focused on what type of workplaces foster bullying – and who is “vulnerable.”

It begins:

“The workplace is like a second household, and your colleagues can be like a second family. But families are often dysfunctional – and we know that harassment and bullying […]

An Anonymous Sexual Harassment Hotline That Is Not Anonymous May Be Worse Than No Hotline

Interesting article in The New York Times about employer sexual harassment hotlines.  Seems that hotlines touted as being anonymous for employees to complain about sexual harassment may be anything but anonymous – or publicized to employees.

I have always advised employers that, from the top down, an anti-discrimination and anti-harassment tone and policy must be set, […]

Mandatory High Heels At Work?

My new Above The Law article deals with mandatory workplace dress codes – specifically the mandatory wearing of high heels in the workplace by women, as has been discussed globally given the recent debate in the English Parliament.

The article begins:

“Are workplace codes governing women’s dress simply business regimentation – or the policing/fetishizing/sexualizing of women? …

“There is […]

Another Workplace Noose And KKK Hood Case

After an investigation, the EEOC found that there was reasonable cause to believe that Title VII was violated by a Minnesota company.

The charge?  Racial harassment.

The facts?  The company allegedly subjected black and Hispanic employees to “severe racial harassment, included a noose, a Ku Klux Klan hood and racist epithets and jokes. Despite complaints by employees to … senior […]

Another Appeals Panel In NYC Declines To Hold That Title VII Covers Sexual Orientation

Just two weeks after the federal appeals court in New York City held that Title VII does not cover sexual orientation discrimination claims, another panel of the same court has come to the same conclusion.

And this comes on the heels of the federal appeals court in Chicago coming to the opposite conclusion on April 4th.

In […]

BigLaw: Is it Inherently Unequal?

As an escapee of BigLaw, I know what the model is – and it ain’t pretty when it comes to things like gender equality.

My new article in Above The Law discusses BigLaw, and is entitled “Can Women Lawyers Ever Find Equality In Biglaw?”

It begins:

“Hey — who cares if Biglaw is white and male as long […]

Your Wish Is My Command!

No sooner had the new Acting EEOC Chairwoman Victoria Lipnic said that she “wants a re-evaluation of the costs and benefits of the modified EEO-1 report, a detailed compliance survey that employers must fill out,” than poof!   A genie appeared with a magic lamp in the form of two US senators, Lamar Alexander and Pat Roberts, […]

Can Women Lawyers Ever Find Equality In Biglaw?

My new article in Above The Law is entitled “Can Women Lawyers Ever Find Equality In Biglaw?”

It begins:

“Hey — who cares if Biglaw is white and male as long as it can charge $2,000 per hour (or more). It’s all about the money, after all. Isn’t it?

Of course.

As long as the profits keep rolling in, […]