“Why ‘Higher-Class’ Women Won’t Get That Biglaw Job: Hiring Biases That You Won’t Believe!”  

My weekly article in Above The Law is entitled,  “Why ‘Higher-Class’ Women Won’t Get That Biglaw Job: Hiring Biases That You Won’t Believe!”

It begins:

“You know that you want that job. Badly. And you know that you are oh-so-qualified.

“But you don’t get it.  You – who are top of the class!

Ever hear of hiring bias?”

Read the […]

NYC Federal Appeals Court: Sorry, Nothing We Can Do About Title VII And Sexual Orientation

The federal appeals court in NYC punted this week when faced with the issue as to whether Title VII covers sexual orientation.  It declined to add sexual orientation to Title VII’s coverage, even though it said it wanted to and feels very badly that it couldn’t.

“Jeez, wish I coulda done it!”

Last year I noted that a […]

Disability Support Company Had Policy Of Firing Disabled Employees

Unbelievable, is all I can manage to say!

I have written long and hard about the EEOC’s penchant for hunting, stalking and pouncing on easy prey – healthcare or medical service companies which allegedly violate the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”).

Companies or individuals in the “helping” or “caring” professions are especially easy pickins’ (or “low hanging […]

Is Stuttering A Reason Not To Hire Someone?

In Above The Law, I ask in my new article “Is Stuttering A Reason Not To Hire Someone?”

“Stuttering is more than just a speech issue … it may also be an employment issue, since the workplace is a microcosm of society and shares its issues. Communicating is, after all, a human activity that takes place everywhere – […]

Firing Of Pharmacist With Trypanophobia Upheld: He Could Not Perform Essential Job Function

An interesting new case involving a pharmacist with trypanophobia is in the news today.

Seems that the federal appeals court in NYC was faced with an appeal by a major pharmacy chain from a whopping verdict of almost $2 million in favor of a pharmacist who had worked for it and its predecessors for 34 years – […]

I Cannot Work On The Sabbath!

This post could have been written last year – in fact, it was (almost)!

Change the venue from North Carolina to South Carolina, and the religion from Seventh-day Adventist to Hebrew Pentecostal and the facts of today’s post are virtually identical to a post from last September.

Seems that a South Carolina company hired a Hebrew Pentecostal truck […]

Bullying And Discrimination Against Redheads: A Reader Comments

My post the other day linked to my Above The Law article about bosses who bully – and bully their best people!   I concluded with a short comment about the historic bullying and discrimination (and worse) against people with red hair – “gingerism.”  (See Why Do Bully Bosses Bully Their Stars – And Redheads?)

A reader emailed […]

Workplace Bullies: They Do It Because You Are A Threat To Them

I discuss workplace bullies in my latest Above The Law article, Why Do Bully Bosses Bully Their Stars – And Redheads?

It begins:

“Where do workplace bullies come from? Simple – from bully kids. “What happens to bullies when they grow up? One would hope these mean girls and guys would stop their antics, but … ome […]

Settlement Of Another Pregnancy Discrimination Case

The EEOC just settled a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against a Minnesota-based gym company in Maryland for $86,000.

The claim?

It was alleged that a pregnant woman applied for a job at the company and after two job interviews (presumably not in person), she emailed her work availability and said that she was 35 weeks pregnant.  The company […]

Refusal To Hire Deaf Applicants: Two EEOC Settlements

Two ADA cases filed by the EEOC involving hearing-impaired or deaf job applicants are in the news – one against an Ohio housing and care service provider.

As readers know I track ADA cases filed by the EEOC against health care providers – of which there are an inordinate number – because I believe that they are […]