One reader of my post last week was shocked that Kentucky lawmakers were required to take only three hours of sexual harassment training annually.

And he is bemused that one such lawmaker wants to reduce that to 30 minutes annually: the lawmaker  feels that 3 hours is a “ridiculous” amount of time to sit in a classroom and is simply “political correctness.”

Bill Reed, an owner and managers of intercultural management training and consulting companies in London was not impressed:

“3 hours!!??

“What you are talking about is attitudinal training.  How many people in a group? If Kentucky want to do anything beyond paying lip-service, it will need a ratio of 1:8 trainer participant and at least a one-day programme.  Preferably including an over-night for pondering.

“(I’ve been doing this sort of training for 30+ years and I feel I know what works and what doesn’t – 30 minutes just doesn’t).”


So there Kentucky lawmakers!