Harassment Training Is “Political Correctness,” Says Angry Lawmaker

Workplace sexual harassment training and ethics are mandatory for Kentucky legislators – three hours a year, in fact.  This is the result of two lawsuits filed against Kentucky lawmakers for sexual harassment.

But one State Senator is not having it, gosh darnit!  No sirree bob!

“It’s political correctness,” he exclaimed.  Is he such a genius and paragon of purity — he only needs […]

Smacks On The Butt And Sexist Jokes Or Innuendo: The Workplace Of A Server

News item from Canada: an academic study has found that “Female servers have to put up with a lot of sexual harassment on the job.”  The study “found low wages and a dependence on tips makes some female servers more vulnerable to sexual harassment from customers and colleagues.”

Unfortunately, no surprise, but lets focus in on “vulnerable” workers.

I […]

Lawmaker To Pregnant Employees: “It’s Not Prison. You Can Quit”

It was just reported that “South Dakota state Rep. Wayne H. Steinhauer (R-Minnehaha) was among eight male lawmakers who blocked a state bill requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodations during and after pregnancy.  During a Monday hearing, Steinhauer said pregnant workers should ‘get the heck out of there’ if their bosses are not compliant.”

He said that […]

Employment Discrimination Lawsuits: “The Cost Of Doing Business?”

A local TV investigation “recently uncovered dozens of employment discrimination lawsuits filed against metro school districts over the last 10 years, including more than 45 against Kansas City Public Schools. … While the current laws help bring important justice to some cases, the amount of lawsuits has a big impact on taxpayers and classrooms in […]

Shush! Didn’t Amy Just Write About This?

In an essay in the New York Times yesterday entitled “Elizabeth Warren Was Told to Be Quiet. Women Can Relate,” Susan Chira asked:  “Was there a woman who didn’t recognize herself in the specter of Elizabeth Warren silenced by a roomful of men? … At a meeting where you speak up, only to be cut off […]

Owner’s “Shocking, Sexually Explicit Behavior”: Company Must Pay $750,000

Employers should know that, from the top down, an anti-harassment tone and policy must be set.

But what if the employer – the company owner – is the harasser?

That’s what happened in a newly settled case.

According to the EEOC, the owner of the company “sexually harassed female employees to a point where one worker was forced to quit and […]

Employers Cannot Play “Father Knows Best” To Pregnant Employees

It may seem that’s where we’re heading, but its no longer the ‘fifties.  Paternalism is a no-no when it comes to pregnant employees.

We’ve said it before – it is against the law to discriminate – to fire – pregnant employees “for their own good.”

One more employer has learned that lesson and is $55,000 lighter after […]

ALERT: Mistrial In Texas Roadhouse Age Case

We have just learned that the EEOC’s Texas Roadhouse systemic age discrimination lawsuit has ended in a mistrial after 4 weeks of a jury trial in Boston.

We posted about the case earlier today.



Is Texas Roadhouse Too-Downhome-To-Discriminate?

That seems to be the defense to a systemic age discrimination EEOC lawsuit against the 500-outlet chain of steakhouses currently in its 4th week of a jury trial in Boston, according to an article by Peter Gosselin.

 “Y’all don’t think we’d do that, do ya?”

The EEOC claims that among other things job applicants had their files […]

“We Are Looking For Longevity”

We have all been aging from day 1 — and with some luck we will make it into the federally protected class of “over 40” – and with a lot more luck we will continue plugging on.  And aging.

Which is one reason why discrimination based on age is so hurtful.

I want to share a reader’s personal story of ageism […]