No, it’s not lawyers – they just have the highest risk of depression.

A new study from USC has found that Hispanic immigrants have the highest workplace injury rate, followed by African American men, even after “education and other demographic characteristics” are taken into account.

As to disability rates, the highest risk group is African American men between the ages of 50 and 64.  Older whites have the lowest disability rate.

The lead author said that “Disparities in economic opportunities for minorities lead them to take more hazardous jobs that raise their risk of injury and disability.”

As a news article noted, “The researchers did not identify the underlying causes of the disparities, but discrimination has been a factor in poor worker safety throughout history. … more than 40 years ago [it was found that] steel workers who were black were assigned to work the top-side of the coke ovens, and were consequently exposed to high levels of cancer-causing emissions.”

“The researchers listed possible factors that may contribute to disparities in work-related injuries, such as a bias in assigning minority workers to the riskiest tasks, or discrimination in hiring and promotion.”