Excerpt from my recent “Above The Law” article:

“We all yearn to live a healthy lifestyle, and are exhorted to do by just about everyone.  The payoff?  A svelte body, a beautiful yoga pose which is the envy of all, an increase in social status which differentiates you from the Cheetoh-eating masses (this is, of course, most essential), and, finally, perhaps a longer life.

Is it possible?  Yes it is! …

But has anyone examined the employment law aspects of a healthy lifestyle?  Is there a Socrates for our time to provide the wisdom of the ages for employees and employers, or, more importantly, a few relevant catchphrases (copyright pending) that will hopefully go viral and earn him/her hefty licensing fees?

I don’t know, but here are a few tips learned after a lifetime of heathy lifestyle fits and starts.”

“Above The Law” article