My article this week in Above The Law is entitled “Tech Startups: ‘Digital Sweatshops With Snacks?’”

It involves a question asked by a “new” hiring supervisor at a tech startup as to whether it is illegal for her to follow an order from above to “exclude candidates of a certain age” (i.e., over 40), because “our ideal new hires are ‘young, bright, high energy, etc.,’” while folks over 40 “are on the ‘back nine’ of a career.”

I noted that tech startups are notorious for being hotbeds of discrimination and harassment, and paraphrased a writer by calling tech startups “digital sweatshops with snacks.”

While the supervisor asked a “softball question,” nonetheless there are “a few good takeaways [for employers], besides the fact that the manager is asking the ‘new supervisor’ to violate every anti-discrimination law on the books relating to age, thereby exposing the startup company to enormous liability.”

Read the takeaways here.