Wasting no time, upon taking over at a Florida hotel a hotel management company’s CEO promptly fired every housekeeper and front desk attendant who was black because he said that he did not work with “those kind of people,” according to an EEOC lawsuit.

He apparently was unsure about one housekeeper and asked her race.  When she said she was black, he then fired her too.

For this act of blatant racial discrimination, the company has agreed to pay $35,000.

It also agreed to “revise policies regarding race discrimination complaints as set forth in its employee handbook; conduct annual training of its managers and supervisors on the requirements of Title VII; post a notice about the lawsuit for its employees; and report to the EEOC regarding complaints of race discrimination and the company’s employment practices.”

Takeaway:  I guess sometimes racial or other discriminatory animus is so deep and hateful that no amount of training or guidance is effective.  Or else some people are just plain dumb.

Without explanation, the EEOC press release referred to this fine fellow as “former CEO.”  Duh.