I noted in my article in “Above The Law” that Ohio was set to pass a law which would make a protected class of gun owners with a concealed carry permit who keep guns in vehicles which they park on their employers’ property while they are at work.  This would be a change — up until now employers could forbid such possession on their property.

But no!  It did not happen!  

Instead Governor Kasich just signed into law Senate Bill 199 which does not make oft discriminated-against gun owners equivalent to women, minorities, older employees, people with disabilities, as a protected class.  What?  Ohio is denying the civil rights of gun owners?  

Hold your fire, podner!  

The new law does permit such concealed carry owners to keep weapons in their vehicles parked on their employers’ property as long as they are in the vehicle, or (if they leave the vehicle) if the weapons are kept in the trunk or a locked box or glove compartment.  So much for property or employer rights if gun ownership is involved.

Ohio thus joins Indiana and Kentucky in the vanguard of progressive states protecting employee rights.

The Founders would be proud!