Quarter Million Dollars: For A Single Hair?

Another religious discrimination case has been settled – where a reasonable accommodation was easily achievable in the first place.

It involved a hair.

A major trucking company just agreed to pay $260,000 to settle religious discrimination charges filed with the EEOC.  It was alleged that four East Indian Sikh job applicants refused to provide a hair sample for […]

Employers: Groping An Employee Is Still Illegal

This is my first post-election post, and I have been giving the results a lot of thought as to if and how employment discrimination law will change.  In this context, I will analyze new case decisions, new case filings, and best practices and try to comment on future expectations.

The EEOC just settled for $72,500 a […]

Sexual Harassment—Still Illegal, And Attorneys’ Fees May Be Awarded Too

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

So, busy week.

I thought it best to start with a reminder: sexual harassment in the workplace is still illegal.

And while it abounds, if your employees sexually harass other employees not only might you be hit with a hefty damage award, but you may have to pay the attorneys’ fees of the person […]

One Courageous Judge Contradicts Hand Wringing Appeals Courts On Sexual Orientation

A truly historic decision was rendered today by a heroic federal judge.

First, the background.

Lately there’s been a whole lotta hand wringing and finger pointing in the federal courts over the issue of  sexual orientation and Title VII.  I commented thusly back on August 8th.  I attributed to these courts my caustic quote:

“What can I do, man?  I know you suffered greatly […]

Does A Corporate Dress Policy Trump Religious Dress Requirements?

A company that designs and manufactures automotive brake components, and its staffing agency, have just been sued by the EEOC for religious discrimination in hiring.  The facts and the issue are familiar to us, and give us a chance to review the law on accommodation of religious beliefs and practices.

In this new case, the would-be employee, […]

Nooses And the N-Word: Another Outrageous Workplace Racial Harassment Suit

Nooses and the N-word remain front and center in workplace racial harassment suits.  A shocking new racial harassment suit was just filed by the EEOC against a Minnesota construction company on behalf of  two African American employees.

Neither the EEOC nor juries like nooses or the N-word in the workplace, yet as I said on September 28, […]

Locker Room Banter—The New Normal? Harvard Soccer Woes

By Amy Epstein Gluck

Oh Harvard…not you too!

It seems there is no place safe from sexual harassment and discrimination.

We’ve post—a LOT—about workplace sexual harassment and discrimination, but it seems this type of behavior starts earlier.

Is locker room banter the new normal?

I hope not.

Accustomed to being viewed as a bastion of intellectual enlightenment and civility, Harvard University […]

What Is The Measure Of Punitive Damages Under NYC Anti-Discrimination Law?

“Salt to taste. Such a simple and innocent instruction. We’ve all read those words a million times over the years without thinking anything of it. Ever wonder what it really means?”


What the heck is a pic of a chef doing in this employment discrimination post?

Well, you gotta read on.


Practitioners in NY know that the New York City Human Rights Law, a/k/a/ […]

Double header today!  Two health care agencies strike out!

Earlier today I posted about a healthcare provider in San Diego which settled an ADA suit filed by the EEOC.  It had allegedly withdrawn a contingent job offer to an applicant whose later medical examination revealed a minor ankle ailment which the company perceived as a disability.

Now there’s another case involving a healthcare agency.

The second case settlement reported today by the EEOC involved a […]

One More Medical Provider Settles ADA Lawsuit

Well, another healthcare provider has settled an ADA suit filed by the EEOC.  Don’t medical and healthcare folks know by now that protecting people with disabilities in hiring and employment is one of the six priorities set forth by the EEOC in its Strategic Enforcement Plan (“SEP”)?

And we know how the EEOC loves to target health […]