As any writer, I suppose, I wonder sometimes who, if anyone, reads this blog.  Well, I am always gratified to hear from readers, and happy when I see that this blog has readers far and wide – my partner Amy was just quoted in an article in Material Handling & Logistics News.


David Sparkman did a good piece entitled “Avoid Trouble by Creating and Enforcing an Effective Sexual Harassment Policy” and quoted from one of Amy’s posts.

He wrote that:

“During the presidential campaign we heard about workplace sexual harassment involving one candidate and the other’s husband and former President. It’s an issue that is not going away, either.”

“Be particularly wary of dismissing verbal conduct like Donald Trump’s as just ‘locker room banter’ that shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s not necessary for an accuser to assert sexual acts were demanded in exchange for keeping a job or securing a promotion; creating a ‘hostile work environment’ is enough.”

He then quoted Amy:

“Amy Epstein Gluck of the law firm of FisherBroyles notes that the victim doesn’t need to be the person harassed. ‘A person may be sexually harassed if (s)he is merely affected by the offensive conduct.’  Yes, you read right—women supervisors and co-workers can be sexual harassers, too.”

Way to go, Amy!

And readers might like to read the MHL News article too!