Sex Discrimination v. Equality At BigLaw and Other Workplaces

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

I know I have been prolific these past few months about gender equality, sexual harassment, retaliation, and equal pay (or lack thereof).

I’ve talked to you about a myriad of scenarios: sex discrimination and unequal pay at BigLaw (also see Rich’s excellent BigLaw post here) and for the U.S. Women’s Soccer team and […]

What Is Redundant Encoding And Should I Care?

The short answer:  “yep.”

For us old school lawyers, things like big data, algorithms, and Silcon Valley and Alley, can be difficult to understand sometimes.  But it’s a new world: we must do our best.

In employment law we have learned to use statistics.  Good for us!   But there’s a whole lot more that’s happening in the […]

EEOC Releases Annual Report

The EEOC just released its annual “Performance and Accountability Report” which records results in its enforcement efforts during fiscal year 2016, which ended Sept. 30.

In this year’s report the EEOC stated: “In fiscal year 2016, EEOC continued to focus efforts on those activities likely to have strategic impact in advancing equal opportunity in the workplace […]

Narcolepsy: A Real Disability Of A Real Person And Not Just A Legal Case

As the writer of a blog on employment I am never at a loss for interesting content.  I have always maintained that the workplace is a microcosm of society at large, and so there are always interesting cases, and, more important, real people behind these cases.

It’s good when I am reminded of this.

My post the other day […]

Should I Tell A Prospective Employer That I Am Pregnant?

More than a year ago I wrote about a piece in the New York Times, by Rob Walker (a/k/a “The Workologist”), who received a question from “Anonymous.”   Anonymous had been negotiating a new job and its relocation terms, and disclosed to the prospective employer that she was pregnant.

She did not get the job.  (No one said why).

Forlorn and upset, […]

National Origin: New EEOC Enforcement Guidance

Big News!

Today the EEOC issued an enforcement guidance on national origin discrimination which replaced its 2002 compliance manual section on that subject.

Also issued are “two short user-friendly resource documents to accompany the guidance: a question-and-answer publication on the guidance document and a small business fact sheet that highlights the major points in the guidance in […]

Hate Crime Hotlines In NYC and NY State

The following is not employment discrimination, but much worse – hate and bias crimes.

The Association of the Bar of The City of New York has published the following little handout which lists Hate Crime Hotline phone numbers to call – to any of the District Attorneys’ offices in the five NYC boroughs, or to the NY State Attorney […]

Narcoleptic Cop Wins Quarter Million Dollar ADA Jury Verdict

A year ago I did a post entitled “Don’t Be Chained To ‘Fears, Biases or Stereotypes’ Against People With Disabilities.”  Apparently the Austin police department learned this the hard way.

An Austin-based detective with narcolepsy was awarded more than $240,000 by a jury in an Americans With Disabilities Act (”ADA”) “failure to accommodate” and retaliation case.

She […]

EEOC Sues In Apparent Sharecropper Abuse Case 

A heartwarming story just in time for Thanksgiving.  Its a case about the abuses of sharecropping – or at least its more modern manifestation, which looks pretty much the same.

Wait — that went out years ago – right?

Not quite.

The EEOC just sued an Alabama temporary staffing firm alleging that the Hispanic workers it sent to […]

Amy And The Material Handlers

As any writer, I suppose, I wonder sometimes who, if anyone, reads this blog.  Well, I am always gratified to hear from readers, and happy when I see that this blog has readers far and wide – my partner Amy was just quoted in an article in Material Handling & Logistics News.

David Sparkman did a […]