Can Someone Who Never Even Applied For A Job Sue For Age Discrimination?

That will be the novel issue before a Texas federal court in an interesting new case.      

It appears that plaintiff, over 40, was seeking employment when he received an email from a employment agency looking to fill a spot for a client who needed a software engineer.  The client, however, did not want to hire anyone […]

“Oh Wow – You’re An Actual Physician” Flight Attendant Tells Black, Female Doctor Seeking To Aid Ailing Passenger

It has been reported that a doctor was prevented by a Delta airlines flight attendant from aiding a sick passenger who was screaming for help.  The attendant told her that “actual physicians” were needed.

Why was she perceived as not being an “actual physician?”  Was it because she was female and black?

SkyMiles In Exchange For Blatant Discrimination

“I naturally jumped […]

“Changing Workplace Norms Require a Fresh Look at the Issue of Sexual Orientation”

By:  Amy Epstein Gluck

Well, well, well.

It seems that miracles never cease.

Also, I think my partner Rich possesses solid psychic abilities.

The National Law Review reported that the Seventh Circuit, in Chicago, vacated its July 28, 2016, decision holding that sexual orientation discrimination is not sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and granted […]

Salvation Army Refuses To Hire Man With Intellectual Disability: EEOC

Say it ain’t so!  Not the Salvation Army!

Alas, it is so.  The EEOC has just sued a Salvation Army thrift store in Wasilla, Alaska (I think I can see it from my roof!), for allegedly refusing to hire an otherwise qualified young man for an entry-level job accepting and sorting goods because he has an intellectual disability.  The […]

BigLaw:  Still A White “Bro’s Club”

Hey — who cares if BigLaw is white and male as long as you can charge $1,000 per hour (or more!).   Its all about the money, after all.  Isn’t it?

Attorneys:  All the more reason to “go over the wall” and escape BigLaw … you have nothing to lose but your chains!

Now back to the post.

Things are […]

Top Five Reasons Not To Have An Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy (As Told By An Employer)

Clients don’t always listen to your pearls of wisdom.  Most of the time – but not always.  It’s their business, after all.

A few years ago I had a potential client about three years into building a successful start-up.  But he pushed back hard against my admonition that with his growing business he should have an anti-sexual […]

“Top Tips: Equality In The Workplace For Disabled Employees”

Our friends at the UK law firm of Martin Searle Solicitors posted a fact sheet entitled “Top Tips: Equality In The Workplace For Disabled Employees.”

These tips are, of course, written for a UK employer audience, and I encourage our UK readers to review them.  But US employers would also do well to take a quick […]

New BigLaw Survey: “A Bleak Picture For Partner Pay Equity”

It’s time to go over the wall and escape from BigLaw, women partners!  You are getting bigly stiffed compared to your male partners.

For those BigLaw folks who still think that male and female partners are compensated equally:


A survey just released by Major, Lindsey & Africa found that “women partners make on average about 69 cents […]

Locker Room Banter Will Get You Fired, and Oh, Wait, It’s Against the Law

By Amy Epstein Gluck

Everyone says it.

It’s just how guys talk.

They’re just words. I didn’t mean anything by it.

This is all in good fun, right?

No, no, and no.

They’re not “just words.” Sexually charged comments or “locker room banter” made by executives, an employee, or supervisor to another employee may subject an employer to liability under Title […]

Will The N-Word And Nooses Ever Stop?  Maybe When The Civil War Finally Ends

You may have observed that when it comes to the state of race relations, the Civil War seems to have  never ended, despite Grant and Lee’s friendly sit-down at Appomattox in 1865.  Before we can start the necessary dialogue to finally end the 150-year old Civil War and its toxic precursors, we have to get past the coming election, […]