Stop, Enough, It Is Enough, Policy

How many lawsuits does it take to stop an employer from repeatedly harassing different groups of employees: first women and then African-Americans?

A new EEOC lawsuit accuses the owner of two South Carolina trucking companies of subjecting numerous employees to racial hrassment over the course of years: “frequent” use of the “N-word” and “derogatory comments about African-Americans, such as comments that black people cannot read and write.”

Because of the racially hostile work environment, many employees were forced to resign.

The EEOC noted that the very same owner had previously sexually harassed female employees which led to an EEOC lawsuit in 2014 which was eventually settled.

Chinese-Americans protest Kimmel skit in San Francisco - Stock Image

Takeaway: For someone like this employer, one lawsuit is not enough to compel compliance with anti-discrimination laws. More significantly, one suit is apparently not enough of a deterrent to his harassment of employees or his bigoted views.