Younger Nurses Can Dance Around The Older Nurses: Latest From The Ageism Front

As someone who collects ageist comments, even this is a new one for me.  But it gives me the opportunity to discuss ageism and the workplace — again.

Apparently, a Colorado hospital (yet another medical facility?) fired or forced the retirement of older employees – at least according to a new EEOC lawsuit.

A nurse who worked […]

EEOC Closes In On Claustrophobia As A Disability

Employers don’t be shocked – the “Takeaway” comes first today.

Takeaway:  No matter what you think is or is not a disability, you place your company at risk if you don’t take seriously an applicant or employee who claims to suffer a disability, and fail to “interact” with that person to determine a reasonable accommodation.

Claustrophobia As A Disability

A Texas hair […]

The N-Word Again: Same Employer Previously Sued For Sexual Harassment

How many lawsuits does it take to stop an employer from repeatedly harassing different groups of employees: first women and then African-Americans?

A new EEOC lawsuit accuses the owner of two South Carolina trucking companies of subjecting numerous employees to racial hrassment over the course of years: “frequent” use of the “N-word” and “derogatory comments about African-Americans, such […]

What do at least 5 BigLaw firms and the U.S. Women’s Soccer team have in common?

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

Come on, just guess. …

Big expense account?  No.

Incredible benefits?  Unlikely.

Fulfilled, happy employees?  Perhaps, but no.

Gender pay disparity?  YES!  You got it!  And thanks for playing our home game.

Gender Pay Disparity Alleged In BigLaw

Yep, at least five BigLaw firms across the country allegedly pay their female lawyers substantially less than their male counterparts. For […]

Woman In Labor: Court Denies Interpreter For Deaf Husband Because Request Not Like “Buying A Bag Of Chips”

I would like to know if the terms used by a judge in dismissing a disability claim — that the request for an accommodation was the equivalent of a “bag of chips” and was a “try on” –  has some local colloquial meaning or are simply insensitive words in any language.

I know what he meant, but do the terms “bag of chips” and “try […]

WTF?? What the Fox – Take Two (And $20 Million)

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

$20 million dollars later (!) Fox News settled Gretchen Carlson’s claim against Roger Ailes.

Not only that, but Fox issued an apology to boot:

“We sincerely regret and apologize for the fact that Gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve,” 21st Century Fox says […]

You’re How Old? We’ll Be in Touch (by Ashton Applewhite In The NYT)

I’ve written a lot about ageism, age discrimination, studies and stereotypes about older workers, the ADEA, and everything related.

But surely not nearly as well as Ashton Applewhite, author of “This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism,” and a short piece published in the Review Section of tomorrow’s New York Times.

I want to quote the entire NYT […]

ALERT! Jersey Outlaws Age Discrimination!

Big news for older Jersey employees: age has now been added to the anti-discrimination laws.

That’s right – the BBC news has just reported that the isle of Jersey, officially known as the Bailiwick of Jersey, a Crown dependency of the United Kingdom, has just passed legislation which means that “employers would now need to justify […]

Sexual Orientation: Final Step Before Supreme Court (Or Congress) Acts?

For those keeping an eye on the issue, you may recall my post of August 8th – just a few weeks ago – in which I commented that “Lately there’s been a whole lotta hand wringing and finger pointing in the federal courts over the issue of  sexual orientation and Title VII.   A federal appeals court in Chicago just […]