Autism—an Eye-Opener for Your Company, Not a Nonstarter

By:  Amy Epstein Gluck

Imagine how hard it is to land that awesome, lucrative job when you cannot make eye contact.

Or read body language…at all.

Or take social cues. Or make small talk. Or even appear to be unaware when people talk to you or ask you questions. Or inject completely irrelevant details into an interview.

Or repeat […]

Doctors Fire Doctor Taking Legally Prescribed Meds And Get Sued

By Richard Cohen

Maybe my recent post about firing (or not hiring) employees who are taking legally prescribed medications was not read by two Atlanta physicians groups, because if they did they would have known that (1) terminating a physician “because of an actual disability and because he was perceived to be disabled due to his use […]

Combatting Workplace Sexual Harassment: From the Top Down

By Richard Cohen

The EEOC has long gone to bat for vulnerable workers, as readers of this blog know.  Indeed, it is one of the EEOC’s priorities set out in its Strategic Enforcement Plan (“SEP”).

I have written that in the many cases brought by the EEOC, “The common thread is the vulnerability of these workers: where they are powerless, have low-status jobs, fear the […]

Founder Of Anti-Abuse Charity Liable For Egregious Harassment Of Employee

By Richard Cohen, FisherBroyles Partner

September 26, 2016 — Sometimes a story is so unbelievable (and horrific) that you do a double take and re-read it to see if you read it right the first time.

The founder of a charity whose goal is to prevent abuse of vulnerable members of Scotland’s ethnic communities was just found […]

You Have Too Many Children: If You Get Pregnant You’re Fired!

Yes, this is exactly what a California wholesale distributer of orchids told female employees at staff meetings, according to a new EEOC lawsuit.

And more.

The employees were also told “not to get pregnant, that they have too many children, and the next person to get pregnant should stay home and consider herself fired.”

And, oh yes:  The […]

LGBT Corporate Policies—Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done to You (and increase profits while you’re at it)

 By:  Amy Epstein Gluck, FisherBroyles Partner

September 21, 2016 — It turns out that not only is treating people equally regardless of their gender identity or sexual preference the right thing to do as a human being, but it can also boost your company’s profitability.

That’s right.  Your company may actually profit from being responsible and decent!  […]

Chalk up one more basket of low hanging fruit for the EEOC

 By Richard Cohen, FisherBroyles Partner

A physician-owned hospital in Arkansas was sued by the EEOC for refusing to accommodate a nurse who had a seizure.  She asked “to move to another position that did not involve direct patient care, or, in the alternative, a leave of absence until she could resume her nursing duties.”

The hospital’s reply?  “You’re […]

Handling “Manterruption” and “Bro-priating”… In the Oval Office

By: Amy Epstein Gluck, Partner at FisherBroyles, LLP

It seems there is no place immune from sex discrimination.  Even the Oval Office.

In an initiative called Women In Power, the WaPo is exploring how women “gain, consolidate and experience power in politics and policy.”

As reporter Juliet Eilperin explained (yesterday, in my old-school newspaper), life as a woman in […]

Hospital Fires Disabled Therapist (Not Another Such Case!)

Not again!

It is “ironic when a hospital, which is dedicated to caring for the health of its patients, ignores the medical concerns of an employee, refuses to even discuss providing a needed workplace modification, and instead fires him because of his disability.”

As you know, I have said this often – in the form of exhorting […]

Accommodate Religious Beliefs: Or Pay $42,500 To Settle

Once again the takeaway comes first today:   Unless it creates an undue burden, an employee’s religious practices and beliefs must be accommodated by an employer.   And seeking such an accommodation through an interactive process with the employee is a must.

Moreover, and this is important: most religious accommodations are not unduly costly!  Which is why I am always […]