Contrasting Lawsuits About Transgender People Underscores Polarization In The US

A strange juxtaposition in employment discrimination law today:  The EEOC has just sued to, effectively, expand the rights of transgender people, while 23 states have just sued to, effectively, limit those rights.

A unified country this is not; cracks and fissures have become the norm.

While 13 states, and then another 10 states, filed suits in Texas and Nebraska federal court seeking to […]

What the Fox?

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

I cannot open the newspaper anymore without seeing sexual harassment headlines.  (Yes, I still get and read an actual newspaper.)

Yesterday, I posted about the high-powered, high profile founder of food chains caught on camera grabbing an employee’s butt at a manager’s meeting.  If you missed it, you can read here that the […]

Can I Get Some Fries With That Shake?

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

The founder of Fuddruckers, best known for their make-your-own-burgers, is facing a $1M sexual harassment lawsuit.  Fuddruckers, indeed!

The female assistant manager of one of the Eatzi’s Market and Bakery filed suit against Phil Romano, the restaurateur who founded Fuddruckers and Macaroni Grill, after he allegedly walked behind her during a managers meeting and grabbed […]

EEOC To Appeals Court: Include Sexual Orientation In Title VII!

WARNING!  DANGER!  This post is longer than usual!

Things are happening in employment discrimination law faster than I have ever seen or thought possible.  I don’t even have the time to post all of the blogs that I want about new significant events and cases – there are simply too many.

This latest event is emblematic of the rapidity of […]

“Don’t F—ing Shoot!”: Can A Parrot Be A Witness In Court?

Forgive my interest in parrots. They’re amazing birds.

But can they testify in court?

“Should I be a stool pigeon?”


We know that a parrot (or at least a macaw) cannot be liable for sexual harassment – even if he shouts sexual remarks at a hospital employee.  The hospital can be liable, of course, for maintaining a hostile […]

Secretary Of Defense: Transgendered Can Serve – Openly – In Military

On the eve of Independence Day, now that Ash Carter has lifted the ban on transgendered people serving openly in the military, one can finally say that virtually all Americans are free to defend their country.

It took since World War II — when African-Americans first began to be integrated into the military, that a democratic society has finally permitted all to […]