This new case is brought to you courtesy of the EEOC — likely as a reminder to those clueless few who do not already know – that staffing agencies can be held liable for employment discrimination if they do the bidding of their clients.

Shield, Work, Setting, Workplace“…not women, though!”


The EEOC just sued an Alabama-based staffing agency which refused to accept an application from an otherwise qualified female applicant for an advertised job in shipping/receiving with a fiberglass grating product manufacturer, informing her that “this is a man’s job” and the job is “not suitable for women.”

An EEOC attorney said that “Employers, including staffing agencies, cannot refuse to hire women based on outdated presumptions that women are not capable of performing certain types of jobs.”

Takeaway: Liability for employment discrimination is not limited to the employer – but extends to an employer’s agent, in this case a staffing agency.