Dispatches From The Aging Front (Oy, My Back!)

There’s bad news.  And more bad news.

And then good news!

Ruth Marcus, of the Washington Post, wrote that “When my husband and I visited the financial planner recently, we were advised to amass enough retirement savings to last through age 95. OK, but I’m not planning to spend 30 years sitting around and knitting, as much as […]

Can A Parrot Be Liable For Sexual Harassment?

Ok, so this is a slightly worn, slightly-trick question which I have asked at countless employee and management training sessions, seminars and lectures over the years.  (This is taken from an actual case, with some poetic license taken).

The facts:  A parrot owned by a hospice patient repeatedly uttered sexual comments at an attending nurse.  The nurse complained […]

Employer Beware! New OSHA Regs Makes Your Workplace Very Transparent!

By Mukti Patel

Looking for a new job in what OSHA defines as a hazardous industry?

Are you an investor looking into the potential liability facing a company you are considering investing in?

Are you an employer just itching to let the world see into your window and watch how your business is conducted?

OSHA just announced new regulations […]

Alert! Defend Trade Secrets Act Now Law

President Obama signed the “Defend Trade Secrets Act” today.

As my partner Christina Bost Seaton posted earlier today, the new law creates a federal cause of action that allows employers to go straight to federal court to pursue relief for a misappropriation of their trade secrets.

Is The White House Pushing To End Non-Competes?

By Christina H. Bost Seaton

Are non-competes going the way of the carrier pigeon? Is the federal hands-off on non-competes coming to an end?

There is no currently no federal statute or rule determining the enforceability of a non-compete provision or agreement, which is determined by state law. There is no bright line rule, and courts view […]

New: NYC Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination

The New York City Commission on Human Rights just announced the publication of its “Legal Enforcement Guidance on Discrimination on the Basis of Pregnancy: Local Law No. 78 (2013); N.Y.C. Admin. Code § 8-107(22),” which is a must-read for NYC employers.

It sets out what is considered pregnancy discrimination under NYC law – which is must broader […]

Dead Drunk: Boozin It Up And Falling Down (On The Job)

Every now and then a story comes along that is a good counterpoint to a previously published blog post.  On May 2nd my partner Amy Epstein Gluck did a post here entitled– “Boozin It Up: When You Suspect Your Employee Is An Alcoholic.”

“Boozin it up”

Amy posed the question: “What happens when you, as the employer, […]

Does Sexual Harassment Training Make Matters Worse?

Readers responded to my post earlier this week which discussed the controversial new piece in the Guardian which questioned whether sexual harassment training helps prevent such harassment, or makes it worse.

I asked whether sexual harassment training is effective or, as the Guardian piece suggested, backfires and increases harassment — or if the article went too far in its broad conclusion and, in […]

Does Sexual Harassment Training Lead Men To Blame The Victims?

A controversial new piece in the Guardian is questioning a basic assumption of employment lawyers and HR folks: that sexual harassment training helps prevent such harassment.

The article, which is roiling the employment law waters, quotes a number of academics who have analyzed several peer-reviewed studies, and conclude, as one professor did, that “Sexual harassment courses aimed at preventing workplace discrimination can […]

Redheads: You May Experience Workplace Discrimination But At Least You Look Younger

Redheads can thank the MC1R gene for the color of their hair, and, as it turns out, for looking younger than their age.

Is this an appropriate subject for this blog?  I think so.  It’s also a fascinating study.

Redheads have been the subject of discrimination and bullying since ancient times – but the same gene responsible […]