When It Comes To Harassment, Stop Doing It, And We’ll Stop Complaining About It!*

While I was still mired in the quicksand of BigLaw, around year-end 2014, I posted on my employment discrimination blog about how women scientists and graduate students were treated in their professions and in their field work.  It was not pretty.

Have things changed since then?

Maybe – but just a little.

An article just published in the online journal […]

Why Would BigLaw Lawyers Alter Documents?

Why would BigLaw lawyers alter documents and risk – and receive – sanctions from the Court, especially when there is no discernible benefit to them?

Who knows?

Is it fear of losing a client which may perhaps be paying upwards of $800 or more per hour?  Or is it simply a burning desire to win at all costs?

Who knows […]

Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired

Is the tech startup employment model an incubator for employment discrimination and sexual harassment?

This is one of many observations in a great article in today’s New York Times bearing the title of this post.  Dan Lyons writes about what he experienced working at a “hot” tech company where, he says, employees are disposable and firing is known as “graduation.”

He […]

Amy Epstein Gluck In The Washington Post

Kudos to my employment-guru partner Amy Epstein Gluck who was interviewed in the online Washington Post article @Work Advice: The Cost Of Reclaiming Money by Karla L. Miller about employment issues from unpaid wages to contracts by freelance writers.

Good read!


Should Hope Solo Be Paid Less Than Clint Dempsey? (Is This Employment Discrimination?)

By: Amy Epstein Gluck

Is she a less skilled soccer player? No.

Is she “irrational?” No.  Heck no!

When the U.S. women’s (winning) soccer team attempted to negotiate their pay and asked for raises so that their salaries approached that of the players on the U.S. men’s team, the U.S. Soccer Federation (“USSF”) called them “irrational.”

“Irrational.” Now that’s […]