Changing the Conversation About Mental Impairments—Sia on American Idol

American Idol and employment discrimination – in the same sentence?  In the same blog post??

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So after a long hiatus, I’m watching the last season of Fox’s American Idol with my kids. After all, J. Lo and I are about the same age, and I’m always interested to see […]

New EEOC Suit: Same Sex Sexual Harassment

I posted on March 2d the blockbuster news that the EEOC had filed its first two Title VII sex discrimination lawsuits based on sexual orientation.

This was, of course, noteworthy, because Title VII prohibits discrimination based upon sex, but does not explicitly prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation.

The EEOC stated – and this statement is important — that […]

EEOC: New Online Service

The EEOC just announced an Online Charge Status System by which charging parties can access up-to-date status on their charges, and employers will have “a portal … to receive and upload documents and communicate with EEOC.”

“The Online Charge Status System is available for charges filed on or after September 2, 2015. It is not available for […]

Company Discovers Another Great Way To Make Friends At The EEOC

No sooner did we post our five best ways for an employer to avoid loneliness by attracting the attention of the EEOC did a  Missouri manufacturer see if it could find a better way to make friends there.

And it did!  The EEOC was there almost immediately!  What a way to make friends!

So we can confidently give you […]

“Put Out To Pasture”: And You Thought Employment Discrimination Was On The Wane!

From the salacious, to gender pay disparity, to “fire the old geezer.”  Boy, the New York Times today was chock-a-block with employment discrimination stories.

Let’s start, of course, with the salacious.

I have always advised that best employment practices start from the top down – a tone must be set from the top. But what if the CEO is […]

Women Are Just “Too Sensitive” – Or Could It Be Sexual Harassment?

My partner, Amy Epstein Gluck, weighs in with another guest post below!

Telling a female employee she’d be “raped into submission” is a bad idea. Oh yes, it’s also illegal.

But can “cultural differences” or a twisted sense of humor form a defense?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say NO. Dude, no.

Think I’m kidding […]

Employment Discrimination Fact Sheets For UK Employers

When it comes to the complexities of employment discrimination, I love fact sheets, or “cheat sheets” – short, usually page-length, easy-to-understand references.   They won’t answer all of your questions or substitute for legal counsel, but they help you identify issues which you may be facing, and direct you to relevant resources.

The EEOC just published one, for example, which I […]

Lonely? Here Are Five Surefire Ways To Bring The EEOC To Your Door

No one should be lonely.

Not least business owners.

We have just the cure for your loneliness blues – five surefire ways that will bring the EEOC a ‘knockin at your door!

But use these cautiously – you don’t want too many such friends!

First:  Fire that employee for being pregnant — for her own good.

Sure, the Pregnancy Discrimination […]

Preventing Discrimination For Dummies!

Hey!  Yes you – small business owners and start-ups!

Look what the EEOC did just for you!

The EEOC just issued a really simple – I mean really simple – single page fact sheet entitled “Preventing Discrimination is Good Business.”

You can find it here in English.

It is a good, cheat-sheet sized resource for those who are just […]

Those Good Old Boys Clubs May Come With A Hefty Price Tag For Employers

This is the third guest post by my employment law partner, Amy Epstein Gluck.

Grow up, boys!

The Denver Fire Department just paid a former female firefighter $75,000 to settle claims of gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

In 2015, Camilla VonBurkhardt filed a complaint with the EEOC alleging sexual harassment due to:

Her fellow firefighters (no pun intended) left […]