Step Aside, Geezers: Young People Need Your Jobs!

I did a double-take when I saw that a Jersey lawyer was quoted in the Jersey Evening Post as saying that: “Young people may be forced to leave the Island to find work when anti-age discrimination law comes into effect in September.”

Island?  New Jersey?

Oh, not THAT Jersey — Jersey of the Channel Islands!

Still, I was a […]

A Bad Boss Can Be Bad For Your Health

I couldn’t resist an article by Ana Swanson in the Washington Post, entitled “Research says your bad boss may be making you sad, lazy and fat – Having a bad boss isn’t just unpleasant — it can also be bad for your health.”

She writes that:

“Of course, there are as many ways for bosses to be […]

Is Ageism Sexist?

I came across an intriguing article by Andrew Flowers entitled “Age Discrimination In The Job Market May Hurt Women More,’’ which has the sub-heading “Is Ageism Sexist?”

What does that mean?

The article begins by saying that:

“Evidence keeps piling up that the deck is stacked against older workers who find themselves unemployed. And new research shows that pervasive age […]

Employer Which Wanted “Young Blood” Settles Case With Fired Older Employee

There’s not much to add to the title of this post – it pretty much says it all.  Except that, according to the EEOC, the company owner also claimed that he wanted “younger and peppier” employees when he fired a 52 year old employee.

This settlement is noteworthy to me because I collect language used by […]

Another Case Of Exploited Female Workers

I have written a lot about the six strategic enforcement priorities set out in the EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP), which includes protecting “vulnerable” workers, such as immigrant and migrant workers. In an October post, I said “think Henry’s Turkey workers — who were ripe for exploitation.”

Now, the EEOC has announced that “ne of the largest apple […]

“Voting With Their Feet,” Clients Flee Big Law: New Georgetown Law Report

Clients voting with their feet?  What does this have to do with employment law?

Well, now for something completely different – an article not devoted to employment discrimination.  But still close to my heart.

It’s been a year now since I went “over the wall” and left Big Law behind.  And I want to thank the hundreds of readers […]