I couldn’t resist an article by Ana Swanson in the Washington Post, entitled “Research says your bad boss may be making you sad, lazy and fat – Having a bad boss isn’t just unpleasant — it can also be bad for your health.”

Man, Silhouette, Cry, Trouble

She writes that:

“Of course, there are as many ways for bosses to be horrible as there are horrible bosses. There are the minor slights – dismissive behavior, passive aggressive emails, or privileging another worker’s accomplishments over your own. Then there are the more serious kinds of abuse. But even the little slights can add up. And these behaviors are not just unpleasant for employees. Research suggests they are actually bad for worker health.”

Rudeness, stress, slights, incivility, power hierarchy, dysfunctional behaviors – everyone has likely experienced this.  But how to cope and move up?  She says that “research has shown that civility is key to getting ahead at work.”

Packed with cites to research and studies, as well as a taxonomy of boss behavior and how dysfunctional it makes the workplace – this article is a fascinating read.